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Groves Nurseries gets a New Vinyl Arch Installation in their Polytunnel for Spring


Groves Nurseries is one of the largest garden centers in the region and a vital pillar in the Bridport community. All throughout the year, their nurseries are home to 32,000 bedding plants, 12,000 trees, 8,000 roses, and 6,000 perennials.

They have had a strong campaign to 'Grow Your Own', with any household garden big enough to support a range of growing herbs, fruit, and veggies, nothing beats home-grown produce, hence the mantra, 'To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.'


To support the large polytunnel structure, the metal pillars and struts across the roof are wide enough to support some great interior advertisements and displays. Grove wanted to display a motivational message for their green-fingered clients on a pre-installed blue fascia panel, using the 6meter opening to its advantage!

Grove Nurseries are well versed in branding and display, from getting external directional signage, to all their delivery vehicles graphics up to date with us at Creative. They have even gone to the lengths of bespoke display stands for giftcards and seasonal prints for visitors to have fun with, only proving the success these marketing materials and display can have!

Once the setting and size was determined for the vinyl application, Grove sent us their artwork and we got to work recreating the installation in the space for the Grove Team to sign-off on, and get the printers going.

1. Blank Blue Fascia Panel Cleaned and Prepped
2. Laying the Cloud Vinyl Applications along the 6m stretch of panelling
3. Final Clouds being placed and checked against the briefing sheet
4. Applying the lettering backing sheet to the panel and activating the adhesive
5. Partial Lettering Completion
6. Completed Vinyl Application for a stunning display!


Installed on-site by our expert Production and Installation Team, the vinyl is arranged in easy to handle sheets to allow for a precision application around the water piping and support fixings. Each cloud and word is cut to size and is made from printed matt vinyl with a adhesive layer applied to the back. When printing, we scale the artwork to the finished area to create the perfect spacing and slope to fit the arch. Then its a case of 'painting by numbers' aligning each vinyl piece to its place of the spec/briefing sheet.

Once the clouds are adhered and in their final placement, the lettering is applied over the top for a showstopping finish!

It is always a pleasure working with the Grove Nurseries team on their projects. Forward thinking and creative, they are the perfect client! We hope they have a successful gardening rush over the coming months as the weather starts to improve, I may need to pop in and grab a hanging basket or two!

Posted by Samantha on April 28th 2022

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