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Grey Samsung Air Source Heat Pump Wrap for Windjammer Properties

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Grey Samsung Air Source Heat Pump Wrap for Windjammer Properties


Windjammer Properties

Windjammer Properties is a small and specialist team of property developers that can assist in solutions for renewable energy for your home or business.

White Samsung 8kw R32 Monobloc Air source Heat Pump ready for vinyl wrapping!
Dark Grey Wrapped Samsung 8kw R32 Monobloc Air source Heat Pump


Wrapping A Samsung 8kw R32 Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump

The team got in touch via our website to enquire about getting 3 Samsung ASHP units professionally wrapped ahead of installation at properties in the local area.

Two of the three units wanted a dark grey colour-change wrap, whilst the third was playing with the idea of a custom-printed brickwork pattern wrap for even more of a discrete appearance.

Creative Solutions has a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of vinyl wrapping; we’ve been providing stunning vinyl wraps for many different clients and a wide scope of Air Source Heat Pump models since their popularity and eco-credentials have grown.

Vinyl wraps are an inexpensive method of injecting new life into a product or transforming it into something closer to your desired appearance. Once we discussed the printable vinyl options with Windjammer, it was decided for ease and speed with a looming installation, all three pumps would be wrapped in a Satin smooth Anthracite Grey for an understated and clean appearance.

Thinking of Vinyl Wrapping Your Air Source Heat Pump?
Prepared for Wrapping Samsung Air Source Heat Pump
Professionally Wrapped Dark Grey Samsung Air Source Heat Pump


Colour Change Wraps For ASHP's

With all air source heat pump wrapping enquiries through a private individual or business, initially all we need to know is the model of the unit and a document or guide for its measurements so we can gauge the amount of vinyl needed for the level of coverage required. We can then chat with you about your timescale for completion and colour options!

Most air source heat pumps come to us directly from the business pre-installation to be wrapped in a controlled environment where we have our tools and workstation prepared, it also means we can wrap the unit directly on its shipping pallet, ready to get repackaged and sent to its new home quickly! There is a possibility of wrapping air source heat pump units after professional installation at a home or business, but this is not advised due to changeable weather conditions, temperature, and risk of dirt and dust sticking to the vinyl during installation.

We are now hoping a partnership with Windjammer Properties means wrapping services can be offered during consultations as a bolt-on service for the end user, with a range of single-colour options including popular matt black or anthracite dark grey, and even bolder options like blue, green, yellow and red - the choice is yours!

Want to get your ASHP Wrapped?

Air Source Heat Pump Wrapping Services

Posted by Samantha on January 25th 2024

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