Get Creative With Your Counter Top Dispensers

If you use them like most people do, they will be sat on a reception counter with a neatly stacked pile of leaflets or business cards... and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that... That's what they were designed to do. But just think for a moment of the interest you would create if you filled your Counter Top Dispensers with something quite unexpected.

For example, paper flowers with a QR code printed on one of the leaves, or perhaps lolly-pops with branded stickers on them, or branded cocktail stirrers or book marks, or car stickers with information about your event on them, or sticks of gum with wrappers that double up as business cards.  If you brain storm you'd be able to come with a dozen cool ideas appropriate to your business. I bet you all of them will create greater awareness and engagement with your brand

The point of this blog is this - by being a little playful, to urge you to consider what might seem a familiar and simple display product, counter top literature dispensers in a different light.  And in doing so, letting your customers get a different glimpse at your brand.



Posted on May 9th 2012

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