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Frosted Etched Vinyl for ACI Ltd


ACI Ltd are leading the path for air movement products and services across the globe, with offices in the US and their HQ here in the UK. Based in Axminster like ourselves, we have worked with them closely over the years renovating their signage and display installations.


ACI Ltd got in contact to install some internal frosted vinyl film designs to offer privacy to their staff areas and meeting rooms without impinging on light availability and the need to be able to see the world on the other side. To truly keep the office in design coordination, these patterns were repeated on some external doors.

In true ACI fashion, a cutting edge firm would want something on-brand, modern and muted. The design mimics the hues of their branding and logo, and puts it into a geometric pattern that could be extended the length of each glass face.


With many offices these days the need for open plan spaces as teams grow and share, light availability, and natural sunshine are very important. Products like tinted films, semi-translucent vinyl graphics, and opaque vinyl applications allow an professional workspace to have private areas, meeting rooms and staff areas without the need for more walls and artificial lighting.

At Creative we take this a step further by offering a fully printable frosted vinyl in varying opacities to really suit any job. Our shelves are filled with rolls of vinyl in every finish to allow you the most flexibility and design options to create something on-brand and perfect for your space.

Check out these custom window vinyls for 14 Miles East, and meeting room glass vinyl application for Axminster Tools for more inspiration!

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Posted by Samantha on February 17th 2022

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