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Formulate Fabric Exhibition Display Stand for EAO


Formulate Fabric Exhibition Display Stand for EAO


EAO - Human Machine Interfaces

EAO, a Swiss, family-owned company, is your global partner for Human Machine Interfaces. From high-quality industrial pushbuttons, keypads and operating elements to complete HMI operator panels and HMI Systems – and always reliable, intuitive, and innovative.

Fabric Exhibition Display Wall - Formulate Curved Fabric Display


Forward-Thinking Fabric Displays

The Formulate Curved Fabric Display is one of the most popular configurations within the Formulate range. This fabric display makes an ideal back wall or dividing wall, ensuring that an exhibition space can be more dynamic and attractive.

The EAO team opted for a 2400mm wide stand, perfect for framing off freestanding exhibition spaces when teamed with a branded table cloth.

This 2400mm Fabric Display Wall can display a fitted stretch-fabric skin, printed single or double sided with a zip closure at the base. It slips over a pop-lock, number coded aluminium tube system frame like a sock, stretching out any creases or folds it may have gained during storage. The whole display weights under 5kg, and when packed down measures a mear 220mm x 940mm x 280mm.

Replacement fabric skins for all our models of fabric displays can easily be purchased to update and refresh your framework, making these systems incredibly future-proof and much better for our environment than single-use PVC exhibition graphics. The graphics are also machine washable if they start to become dirty from curious stand visitors or crowded stands!

Formulate Curved Fabric Display

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Posted by Samantha on January 29th 2024

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