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Fleet Vehicle Graphics for Washingpool Farm's Ford Transit Custom

Vehicle Graphics

Fleet Vehicle Graphics for Washingpool Farm

At Creative Solutions, we recently had the pleasure of working with Washingpool Farm, a renowned local business, to create and install custom vehicle graphics to their growing vehicle fleet, this time for their new Ford Transit Custom van.

This project not only helped to enhance their brand visibility but also underscored our commitment to delivering high-quality signage solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs.

Washingpool Farm

Just 3 miles outside of the Dorset hotspot, West Bay, Washingpool Farm is a business and working farm attended and cared for by 3 generations of the Holland family.

It has an award-winning Farm Shop serving you an array of fruit, veggies and the Devon renowned Ruby Red Beef . It also homes a Cafe serving local produce, hosts seasonal events and has a caravan/motor home site with 2 idyllic holiday cottages for the ultimate countryside getaway.

In the past we have worked with the team to create all new site signage to increase their visibility from the busy road and broadcast their branding into the local area. 

Branded Fleet Vehicles - Ford Transit Custom (Left) & Ford Transit L3 H3 (Right) for Washingpool Farm
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Understanding the clients vision

Washingpool Farm, known for its fresh produce and community presence, wanted their fleet to reflect their brand's identity and values. The primary goals were:

  • Brand Visibility: To ensure that their vehicles acted as mobile billboards, promoting the farm's offerings wherever they travelled.
  • Professional Appearance: The graphics needed to match their previously branded Ford Transit L3 H3 to maintain a cohesive and professional look across their fleet.
  • Durability: To use materials that could withstand various weather conditions near their coastal location and being in service on a working farm.

We began by collaborating closely with Washingpool Farm to understand their brand and visual preferences for this new vehicle. The design process involved several key steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: We met with the Washingpool Farm team to discuss their vision, preferences, and any specific elements they wanted to include in the graphics. They specifically wanted the inclusion of their working area, and wanted to display 'Bridport' and 'Dorset' on the vehicle in a location that could easily be replicated onto their L3 H3 Ford Transit.

  2. Design Concepts: Taking the previous vehicles design proofs, these were re-worked to fit the Ford Transit Custom template with the additional graphics. This included resizing the farm's logo, incorporating the brands colour scheme, and making sure all typography was clearly legible across the vehicle. These designs were shared with the client for feedback.

  3. Revisions and Final Approval: Based on the feedback, we made necessary revisions to ensure the final design was perfect. The approved design featured a blown up large scale logo, repeated across both sides and the rear, as well as text detailing their family ethics and business services.

Digital Artwork Proofing for Washingpool Farm's Ford Transit Custom
Digital Artwork Proofing for Washingpool Farm's Ford Transit Custom

Brilliant Installation

For a project like this, material selection is crucial to ensure longevity and visual appeal. We opted for high-quality branded vehicle vinyl known for its durability and excellent colour retention. The vinyl also offered a smooth finish that adheres perfectly to the contours of the Ford Transit Custom vans.

The transformation of Washingpool Farm’s new Ford Transit Custom was remarkable. The van now serve as an eye-catching mobile advertisement alongside its matching larger L3 H3, effectively communicating the farm’s brand message wherever they go. The vibrant graphics not only enhance the vehicles' aesthetics but also reinforce Washingpool Farm's professional image.

The team at Washingpool Farm was thrilled with the results. They appreciated the professionalism, attention to detail, and quality of work that went into the project. Their feedback highlighted how the new graphics have significantly boosted their brand visibility and have been positively received by their customers. The images in this blog were provided by the team showcasing the amazing pair of branded vehicles together!

If you're considering a similar transformation for your fleet, get in touch with us today. Let's turn your vehicles into moving masterpieces that drive your business forward!

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Posted by Samantha on May 30th 2024

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