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External Signage for Arada Stoves


Having worked with Arada in the past, the brief for this work was smooth and simplistic. Arada designs, produces and manufactures some of the finest woodburning and multifuel stoves on the market, in a range of modern to timeless classics to match any home setting.

Based in Devon since 1983, they have a high commitment to manufacturing quality and innovative design features that promote ease of use, all at competitive prices.

At the leading edge of contemporary living, their signage was in need of some of its own modernisation, and the Creative Solutions Design, and Installation teams stepped in to assist.


Arada contacted the team here at Creative Solutions with some of their own artwork created by a local agency. This was then adjusted by our Design department to fit Arada's requirements. Our client was looking for some updates to their main directional outdoor aluminium tray signs on pre-fitted posts, building signage around the site including the main large Arada board, smaller 'Reserved' bay markers, and the 'Goods In' on the front of their manufacturing HQ.

Due to the profile of the company in the local area, and the large site they have here in the Business Park, it was important the signs were crisp, clear and most importantly very legible for incoming goods deliveries and clients coming to the plant to collect items and services, whilst also remaining protected from the elements for years to come. Matte laminate is printed on, then bonded to aluminium composite boards, offering a robust and resilient outdoor signage option. Any graphics required applied to the ACM stay in sharp focus no matter the size it is printed to. The vast array of design options and colourings will allow you to be as expressive as you wish!

It was important also that the main Arada sign was lit; as the existing light fixture was weathered and outdated, we replaced this with a new trough lighting system to offer a brilliant glow and ambience to the building at dusk and nighttime.


Our first port of call was removing the pre-existing metal signage, salvaging what we could and replacing any that would not stand the test of time and endurance of ever-changing Devon environmental factors.

With the artwork supplied by a local agency and sized ready in-house by the Design Team, this then is given to the dedicated Print and Production staff for assembly. Our Installers then set about re-wrapping the two aluminium tray signs with matte laminated vinyl. We supplied and fitted full-colour printed aluminium composite boards, finished with our matte laminate for the main entrance sign, new 'Goods In', 'Reserved' parking bays and replacement warehouse sign. All bolt holes were included, allowing for easy installation and replacement of the old signage with our rented Cherry Picker.

Our laminated vinyl comes in an array of options, with most opting for our 7-Year printed self-adhesive version. Solvent-free and 7-Years guaranteed is great for your business AND the environment! 

The now very clean and illuminated signs of Arada stand to attention along the roadside, the striking stripe of green reflects the greenery around the site whilst it nestles in the Devonshire countryside. A very big "Well Done" to all team members involved. We can now admire our handy-work as we leave the site each day!

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Posted by Samantha on June 18th 2021

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