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External Signage and Swing Sign for Lyme Bay Winery


Lyme Bay Winery is the home for their LBW Drinks, a dedicated drinks company full of people who are passionate about their products. These include a range of delicious and award-winning English Wines, Fruit Wines, Cider, MEqaad, Liqueurs, and Spirits.

Based in Devon's beautiful Axe Valley, they are perfectly situated in a home of natural flora, to combine industry knowledge and a wealth of flavours, tailored to the 21st-century palette.

A boutique of beverages, we were more than happy to assist with their creative journey and give their signage the modern update it was craving.


We have worked with Lyme Bay Winery previously on many jobs, and very much looked forward to expanding their portfolio of Creative Solutions installations. LBW Drinks were in need of several new outdoors signs, as well as some re-vamps to previously installed pieces.

Our client had asked for 10 signs in total, all of which would be printed with new branding artwork, as well as some pieces to compliment signs already on the site. This included custom double-sided smaller signs, as well as the larger roadside directional signs and warehouse operations.

With everything laminated and quality checked to perfection, our skilled installations team headed over to Axe Valley to help LBW Drinks look its best.


Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) and magnetic steel skin board are some of our highest-rated and best solutions for outdoor long-lasting signage. Full-colour self-adhesive prints can be made to suit any design or size you require. The print is laminated to give it years of protection from the elements, and then expertly applied to the metal sheeting, complete with your custom fixing requirements, ready for installation.

This job included several smaller signs to be mounted to the facia of their warehouse, including a logo-topped 'Winery', 'Productions', Goods In', 'Goods Out',  and several parking bay signs. You can see from our portfolio of clientele, this type of signage is effective and popular, and has become a staple for all warehouse users up and down the country. We produce it with pride and are known as one of the best producers of business signage in the UK.

Our larger roadside aluminium post-mounted signs are produced in the same fashion to your exact requirements. If you need help with design and production, our professional Design Team is on hand to make your ideas a reality.

To finish off our day at Lyme, a Swinger 2 Pavement Sign with full-colour print and matt laminate to match all other exterior signage was produced to offer pathway directions to their shop entrance.

Well done Team for an excellent install, time to go home and open a bottle!

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Posted by Samantha on August 1st 2021

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