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External Signage & Notice Boards for Lyme Regis Development Trust

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ACM Signage & Notice Boards for Lyme Regis Development Trust


Lyme Regis Development Trust

Lyme Regis Development Trust (LRDT) is a community-based charity, working collaboratively with other local organisations to improve the economic, social, environmental and personal well-being for all in Lyme Regis and its surrounding area. The team run a number of projects with these objectives in focus including The Seaside Store, a local radio station, community workshops and a community cafe. They also organise the brilliant Lyme Regis Fossil Festival which has successfully ran for over 10 years.
Most people know LRDT as the charity behind The Hub on Church Street, a large multi-functional building that has a sports hall, cafe/meeting area and a commercial kitchen, all for affordable space hire or used by the projects they run. In addition the team also own and manage St Michael's Business Centre, home to a variety of different businesses including graphic designers, filmmakers and an environmental charity.

Old Stand-Off LEttering Signage Damaged and Falling off Wall
New Brick Wall Mounted Aluminium Panel Signage for Lyme Regis Development Trust - St Michael's Business Centre


Inviting Signage for a Booming Business Centre

Having served its time, the signage on the outside of St Michael's Business Centre was in much need of a refresh with the old stand-off lettering looking tired, and even falling away in some places. To give the whole site a refresh LRDT wanted to include their branding, and also create a professional front to welcome the current business tenants and visitors to the site with multiple new signs around the adjacent carpark and entrance doors.


ACM was used to create all the panel signs to replace the decaying stand-off lettering, with several more panel signs created for the car park and the lamp post outside the front of the building. ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) can be cut to any size, and is strong yet lightweight, allowing a number of different fixing options to suit any placement. These signs are created by applying a full colour self-adhesive printed vinyl to the face of the board, which is then laminated for ultimate durability, UV-protection against fading as well as offering a weatherproof barrier. We offer a range of guarantees on our high-performance long-lasting vinyl applications to suit the longevity you require the signage for, also taking into consideration the placement and level of exposure the signage will have to face. As the ACM will always outlive its vinyl application, it means you can re-face your signage time and time again without having to replace everything making ACM a brilliant modern choice for business signage both internally and externally.


A new product in our portfolio, we were also asked to create the new door signs for the site to allow for ease of way-finding. These were created with our Eco-Friendly ACM which takes the same great aluminium faced board, but with a fully recyclable core, UV-printed full colour self-adhesive PVC free film, and matching PVC free matt finish over-laminate. Perfect for mid-term outdoor signage, or longer internal signage, this ECO ACM comes with a 2-year guarantee as well as a competitive price against its PVC alternative. We now have a range of Eco Friendly Print Materials suitable for all types of external and internal signage, displays, POS and more.


Our external grade notice boards are packed with features so you know your investment is protected. LRDT chose 2 External Colour Key Lock Notice Boards, one for the alley leading to the car park, and one to be situated on the entrance to the hub. The magnetic zintec backing panel allows for quick and easy poster changes, with the frame fitted with gas-strut door stays to allow portrait or landscape fitting. Available in a range of 17 colours to suit any branding or placement, they come with a 15 year colour guarantee against the professionally powder coated frame. The boards are fitted with a 2mm shatterproof plastic glazing that does not catch condensation nor go hazy or yellow with time. With a lockable door standard on all frame sizes, our Wall Mounted External Notice Boards have all been quality tested and make a great information display point for offices, schools, churches, community centres, restaurants and more!

Brick Wall Mounted Aluminium Panel Signage and Aluminium External Lockable Notice Board
Wall Mounted Aluminium Car Park Signage


Branded Site Signage & Information Displays

Creating eye-catching and sleek business signage for external visibility is something we pride ourselves on. We wouldn't call ourselves specialists if we did not have some of the most skilled team members in the South West or one of the largest arrays of print media at our disposal!

ACM as you've learnt briefly above is a perfect budget-friendly, long-lasting and highly versatile signage option that can suit a range of settings and application styles. If you are looking to invest in new signage or refresh your existing signage, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

It was a pleasure to assist the Lyme Regis Development Trust on this project at St Michael's Business Centre, we very much look forward to working with the team again in the future!

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Posted by Samantha on June 5th 2023

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