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Window Graphics, Pavement Sign & ACM Panel Signage for Not Just Travel - Let's Go!

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External Business Signage & Window Graphics for Not Just Travel

We returned to Millers Farm to visit Not Just Travel - Let's Go! to expand their business signage now they've bedded into their new location.

Lets look at how the business is thriving, and called for additional signage with some bold window graphics, swing sign and ACM panel sign displaying their travel partners.

Not Just Travel - Let's Go!

Not Just Travel is your Personal Travel Experts Service, here to make planning your next holiday stress-free and easy. They now have an office to expand upon their online business at the growing and popular Millers Farm Shop, which recently had a series of navigational signage installed to assist visitors on the site, and is fast becoming an eclectic shopping experience with a hub of businesses surrounding it. 

On our last visit to Not Just Travel, we had the pleasure of setting up the new business location with their front door graphics and a ACM name panel to announce their arrival.

Business Signage for Not Just Travel - Let's Go! at Millers Farm Shop
Business Signage for Not Just Travel - Let's Go! at Millers Farm Shop

Expanding Your Business Signage

Not Just Travel got in touch to organise a site visit to discuss their large external window, as well as the blank area next to their entrance. They had also seen the swing signs produced for Love Ria! and wanted match these for their own front step.

The new wall mounted panel sign would display logos of all the travel partners they work alongside to match clients to the best deals and holiday destinations, whilst the new window graphics would provide a boost in trust and recognition for their award winning services.

For the double-sided swing sign, the design wanted to be kept clean and simple, inviting visitors inside - perfect timing for the upcoming summer holiday season!

Business Signage for Not Just Travel - Let's Go! at Millers Farm Shop
Business Signage for Not Just Travel - Let's Go! at Millers Farm Shop

Quality External Signage

At Creative Solutions we are committed to quality signage and display solutions, with options to meet a vast array of needs, budgets and business models. For every solution and product listed here on our website, there is a custom solution that can be made bespoke, tailored to your requirements. If in doubt, we have a friendly team on hand who can discuss your needs and spark a solution!

We offer free local site visits in the surrounding area, and really appreciate the opportunity to work with clients multiple times as their business, branding and signage displays need to expand!

For Not Just Travel, we gathered the measurements for the signage locations and worked with our in-house design team to create the bespoke displays. As we had Not Just Travels logo, brand colours, fonts and sizes on file, we were able to create digital artwork templates to send the team for checking, amendments and sign-off. 

The wall mounted sign is crafted from a lightweight and cost-effective Aluminium Composite Material (ACM), making it superb for wall mounting, as well as carrying a 7 year external guarantee, with the design printed onto a self-adhesive vinyl, laminated for protection against the elements.

The window graphics are created from a high-tack gloss white vinyl, showcasing their accreditation with the Travel Association.

To finish this signage installation, a custom printed panel is created for their new Swinger 2 Pavement Sign, a best seller in our Pavement Sign category and well suited to exposed locations with a heavy moulded base and powder-coated hardware.

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Posted by Samantha on June 14th 2024

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