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External Acrylic Wall Signage for DP Associates, Accountants


External Acrylic Wall Signage for DP Associates, Accountants


DP Associates, Accountants

DP Associates have been operating for over 20 years, taking the jargon out of business performance and accounting. Based in Ilminster, the firm offer a full range of services covering business financing, operations and performance management.

Championing their clients is at the hearty of their ethos, whilst providing full access to information and assistance quickly, simply, and efficiently, providing accurate figures that will tell you "where you stand, where you’re going, and what you can do about it."


A Professional, Modern, and Welcoming External Sign

Business clear acrylic signs need to be eye-catching to make a good first impression on customers or visitors. To create a contemporary and clean display, we will flame-polish the acrylic so it has a sharp and glass-like finish, without the risk of shattering or going cloudy with time.

It needed to be able to be mounted onto the cobbled, external brickwork without cracking the stones, so stand-off locators were chosen so the plaque stood proud of the stonework, creating a clean finish for both the sign and the wall.

As this wasn't going on an internal single-colour painted wall, the logo needed to be clearly visible. It also needed to stand the test of time out in the elements through all seasons.


External Business Signage

The acrylic sheet is cut and finished to remove any sharpness, whilst leaving a nice pointed square edge. These are then flame-polished to remove any roughness and give the whole panel a glass-like appearance.

A high-performance vinyl is then used to create the artwork, applied to the back of the acrylic to show through the right way around. With all types of vinyl we stock at Creative Solutions, we consider everything from longevity, budget, print quality, and what it is being applied to. We will also look into other factors like UV protection, weather resistance, wear and tear as well as changes in temperature.

The stand-off locators come in a range of sizes and finishes. Here we use a 19mm diameter, 25mm long satin chrome set to give the panel sign its finishing flourish.

We create completely customisable and bespoke signage, as individual as our clients. From wall and door signage and display boardsartwork prints, tray signsand more, we have a material and print solution for any vision, budget, and space availability.

It was a pleasure to work with DP Associates on this signage installation, and hope it assists beckon in clients long into the future. Many thanks for choosing Creative as your signage partner for this project!

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Posted by Samantha on September 2nd 2022

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