Exhibitors, Who is the best looking brand of all?

Exhibitors, Take More Photos

With the introduction of the new Facebook time line, social network marketing just got even more visual. From the first impression of the ‘Cover' to the impact of highlighted and pinned posts, the new layout lends itself to telling your brand story in pictures. The fast growing popularity of new kid on the ‘social media block,' Pinterest, also testifies to the ever increasing enthusiasm and visual literacy and sophistication of social media users. If you have any doubt about this, take the time to browse through a few Facebook business pages, or take a look at the posts that stand out on your timeline.

We believe this should be of particular interest to exhibitors. It is impossible to plan a live event without considering the importance of the remote online attendants, for whom the event continues via social media, way beyond the dates of the show. There are many strategies that successful exhibitors and their marketing teams will employ to keep engagement alive, and fully leverage the impact of their event.

One of the simplest things is to make sure that you generate powerful images and footage from your exhibition stand that you can use across your social media marketing platform. So, when designing and lighting your exhibition display stand, consider that it has to work successfully as physical space and that it has to photograph well.

  • Think about shape, colours, any area of dramatic interest that will ‘sell' the space - or the experience of the space to those who see the images.
  • Set up a Pinterest board with visual references used to design your stand.
  • Think about levels, and perspectives that create interest. Get creative, think beyond the three walls. Even with the most modest budget, you can introduce flags, or suspended signs, that will make huge difference.
  • Think about scheduling photography of your stand as one of your goals during the exhibition. Consider getting well-lit shots before the crowds descend, as well as close ups of interesting details. Start tweeting these before the day starts. Then get pictures that are personal; more portraiture than snap shots of your team in action during the day, with visitors to your stand. Of course, you simply won't have time to do this yourself; but make sure you get someone doing it for you. Use these diligently on your networks in the days after the shows.
  • Remember to give your customers ‘more' of a visual experience of the event. And make sure you chose to work with an exhibition design and display company that understands that it is their job to think about the (your) bigger picture too.







Posted on April 2nd 2012

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