Exhibiting for the Frist Time?

If this is your first exhibition, the task can seem overwhelming.  Having decided on the show you are going to exhibit at, one of the first choices you will make is about the kind of stand space you will exhibit in: space only or a shell scheme.

Space Only - as the title suggests, is the square footage you pay for, and nothing else. This is the cheaper option, but if you go for this choice you are most likely thinking about a custom designed stand - built to your own specification. This will give you a great deal of freedom to create an experience that is entirely in keeping with your brand story.

Shell Schemes are essentially three sided spaces consisting of walls and ceiling and come carpeted with electricity access points, basic fluorescent lighting and, usually, a name board. The standard height restrictions when it comes to shell schemes is either 2.4 or 2.5m

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your space.

1.       Are you easy to spot?

2.       Are you in a handy corner?

3.       Are you at a junction where you are likely to get the most amount of passing traffic?

4.       Close to refreshments or demonstration areas where people tend to congregate?

5.       Is it worth considering the impact of a double space rather than a single one - if so, what would be the impact of having spaces opposite each other rather than alongside each other?

Once you have decided on the type of space you will of course be considering the design of your stand. If this is your first time, make sure you speak to some one that can talk you through the different exhibition display products on the market as well as the trends for this year.

One of the things we suggest is to give us a call with your budget and let us put together different packages of display products (including banners stands or wall panels, plinths, counters,  as well as printed material like leaflets, posters, business cards etc.) for you to choose from.

You can always reach me on 01297 444 665. Give me a call.

Posted on May 9th 2012

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