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Everything You Need to Know About Printed Whiteboards

What’s the printed whiteboard’s greatest strength? One word: versatility. It’s really no exaggeration to say that it’s possible to take almost any design that your mind can conjure up and print it directly onto a premium-quality whiteboard. The sheer scope of this product makes it suitable for a wide variety of environments and uses. Whether it’s being installed in a home office, a classroom, or a conference room; whether you’re looking to create a tailor-made calendar, a work rota, or a detailed road map—printed whiteboards have got every base covered!

UK and Ireland map magnetic whiteboard

How can I design my own whiteboard?

If it’s a custom printed whiteboard you’re looking for, there are two options available to you. Customers can either upload and send print-ready graphics to the Creative Solutions design team and, well, we do the rest. 

Alternatively, you can supply us with a brief to work from—an outline of what you want to see printed onto your whiteboard. Whichever path you wish to choose, our designers are just a phone call or email away to ensure that you’re getting the exact product you want. We’ll liaise with you at every step of the way.

Once the artwork is complete, we'll send you a digital proof, showing you precisely how your new whiteboard will look. Only when you’re completely satisfied with the design, will our manufacturing team get to work. Then, in 5 to 7 working days, you’ll have the product shipped right to your front door. It’s really that simple.

Whiteboard with grid planner

How to make a permanent grid or graphic on a whiteboard?

Gridlines can be a useful addition to a whiteboard and are suitable for a whole range of practical tasks. Perhaps you’re looking for a staff rota for your busy restaurant, or a large planner for a home office—whatever the situation, a whiteboard complete with a permanent grid is a valuable feature.

Creative Solutions can supply your whiteboard with either 20, 25 or 50mm squares, depending on its function. Simply let our design team know and we can create the perfect gridded whiteboard for you or your business. Be safe in the knowledge that all of our non-magnetic whiteboards come with either  a standard gloss laminate or new improved premium quality gloss film, for a superior aesthetic and a dry-wipe finish. Framed whiteboards with grids are a highly adaptable product that can improve any workspace or educational environment.

One of our most popular whiteboards with permanent graphics is the detailed magnetic map of UK and Ireland. This is an invaluable geographic learning tool for a classroom or a child’s bedroom—or for planning trips or activities. This whiteboard comes with a magnetic dry-wipe steel surface and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. The low-profile anodised frame with concealed wall fixings included allow for a sleek, refined finish. Another excellent product from our range.

Whiteboard wall

How can I make a whiteboard wall?

The easiest method of creating a whiteboard wall is to invest in a batch of frameless dry-wipe whiteboards. This highly adaptable product has emerged as a much sought-after item in our range due mainly to its contemporary design and flexibility of use. Because the whiteboards can be mounted flush to the wall, with a small 2mm edge, they can be joined together to create a near seamless wall display. 

With a series of non-magnetic frameless boards, you can turn any sized wall into a stunning printed whiteboard display—ideal for brainstorming sessions in an office, or, perhaps, a customized learning tool for a child’s bedroom. There’s endless potential with this super product.


How do I hang a whiteboard?

While some whiteboards can be designed to fit a stand or a tripod, the majority are created to be hung on a wall for more practical use. Hanging your whiteboard can be done in three ways— each method is dependent upon the space available to you and how permanent you wish to make the installation. These include screwing the board directly into the wall, using temporary hooks, or using industrial-strength sticker patches.

For a product like the frameless dry-wipe boards, we would recommend through-the-board fixings to ensure that each whiteboard is easy to mount while white cover caps conceal the fixings for a neat, streamline finish.

Whiteboard with printed lines

Can I have overlay lines on my whiteboard?

Before making any permanent or semi-permanent impressions on your whiteboard, determine precisely where you want the lines—this is heavily dependent on its purpose. Teachers will often need sections for daily schedules or learning objectives for different subjects. Lines can also be used to create templates for activities or tasks that you perform repeatedly.

Our tip is to carefully measure out each section and then draw lines with dry-erasable markers—just to make sure you have the correct layout before making the lines permanent.

There are a few methods for creating lines on the whiteboard. Coloured tape won't damage the board and, importantly, is removable if you wish to alter the layout. Electrical tape would be a sensible choice as it can be peeled off easily without affecting the surface. If you're certain about your lines and want them fixed, use a permanent marker or paint.

The other option is to take a look at our lined magnetic framed whiteboards and see if we can provide you with the product you’re looking for. We’d be happy to help!


If you’d like any advice on printed whiteboards, or to find out how a particular product might improve your workspace—whether it’s at home or in the office—please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Artwork and Design

Your artwork should be sent to us in PDF format if possible. Ensure all critical information is within a 50mm bleed around the outside. We are able to help design, print and produce your whiteboard for you. 

For further information, please read our Artwork Preparation guide or call our artwork studio on 01297 630130.

Need help with your Whiteboard?

Why not use our in-house design team to help you make the most out of your Whiteboard.

Our designers will work with you to create a professional design to your exact specifications. You can be as involved in the design process as you want to be, either working side by side with our designers or giving them your design brief.

Unlike some other companies, we want to offer value for money, so we ensure that you are only charged for the actual time taken to create your design (minimum 15-minute intervals). Formatting a quick layout may be free of charge where all logos and text are readily supplied. 


Posted by Samantha on January 7th 2022

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