Everything you need to know about noticeboards

Whilst being very simple in design, noticeboards are incredibly useful in a variety of situations. If placed and used correctly, they serve as a vital source of information for a large number of people.

Types of noticeboards and their uses

There are many different types of noticeboard, each with features that make it suitable for a particular application. For example:

Unframed noticeboards - the environmentally-friendly, space-saving option.

Aluminium/timber framed noticeboards - choose from a cork, felt or fabric board for a more professional, framed look.

Combination noticeboard/whiteboards - an extremely versatile option, perfect for announcements and notes that are changed daily.

Poster case noticeboards - lockable and shatter-proof, these noticeboards are suitable for external use outside libraries, schools, bus stops, theatres or any other public place.

Internal lockable noticeboards - if you want full control over what is posted on the noticeboard, this is the slim, lockable solution for you. Choose from a board that opens horizontally or vertically, as well as from a range of sizes.

Post-mounted noticeboards - another good option for the display of public information, these noticeboards are lockable, sturdy and weather and vandal proof.

Freestanding noticeboards -suitable for use as signposts or welcome signs outside conferences or even weddings.


Posted on June 6th 2011

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