Lift Wrap at Yeovil District Hospital for Sepsis Awareness

Elevator Door Vinyl Wrap for Yeovil District Hospital


Yeovil District Hospital, an NHS Trust provides acute care for people living in South Somerset, North and West Dorset and parts of Mendip - a total population of around 180,000.

The Trust is focussing on an awareness campaign on the dangers of sepsis, septicaemia and blood poisoning. These are life-threatening conditions and especially in children under five and in the elderly. There are around 123,000 reported cases of sepsis a year in England.


Earlier in 2018, we initially worked with Weston Area NHS Trust to assist with an informational display about Sepsis in the form a lift wrap. The Trust was looking to showcase important information to patients, hospital users and staff as part of an awareness campaign. Lift doors were the perfect place to showcase the information - a blank canvas in a high traffic area. With some creative thinking and professional advice, it was decided wrapping the doors was the best way to showcase the information.

The brief was to replicate the work we did for Weston Area NHS at the hospital in Yeovil. Our job was to print the vinyl to an exact specification and professionally install it.


At the outset it was important that the work could be signed off by the hospital, the Head of Estates Department and the Health and Safety Team before any work could commence. We assisted the hospital in the design and proposals, using our experience from the previous work before to ensure they had the right information to sign it off. Once confirmed by all parties, printing began at our facility in Axminster.

The vinyl was printed with bleed to allow it to be trimmed to size. We used full colour print on High Tac MD5 gloss vinyl due to it's fantastic adhesion properties, making it ideally suited to wrapping the lift doors.The vinyl also comes with a 5-7 year guarantee.

We then installed the prints at Yeovil District Hospital within a day, ensuring minimal disruption for patients.

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Posted by Jedd on September 26th 2018

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