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Wooden Signage for South Yorkshire Climate Alliance


South Yorkshire Climate Alliance is on a mission to see a thriving, successful climate movement. From seeking solutions to offering alternatives to companies within the region, they want to see active change within our lifetime to save our living planet.

Increased awareness is at the forefront of their mission, as many individuals and businesses don't know how they can see improvement in practice, but want to make the effort to tackle the effects of climate change, as they are more present now more than ever in the news.

We offer an incredible range of print materials, and news spread all the way North from our Southern home. We were more than happy to assist, and set to work creating signage that matched whole-heartedly the need for a planet-friendly solution.


It is obvious to state for an organisation built on the ethics of eco-friendliness and planet repair, any signage option that wasn't fully recyclable, biodegradable, and had water-based ink printing was out of the question.

We are aware as a printing specialist, we need to offer clients a multitude of signage solutions in all manner of materials to meet their needs. We offer responsibly sourced wood, recycled cardboard, and biodegradable board materials to make sure there is always an eco-friendly alternative to acrylic, PVC, rubber and plastic available for you.

South Yorkshire Climate Alliance got in touch to produce a sign board, printed with their logo in large scale. Everything from the hardwood plywood and full-colour print needed to have the green thumbs-up of approval. Once we had their designs in-house, we set to work scaling the logo and prepping the wooden board for a direct print.


Chosen to stand the test of time outside and in the elements, we used a large hardwood plywood, sustainably sourced, as the back-board for the sign to be printed directly onto.

For outdoor signage that is going to be displayed for years to come, we would normally print using a solvent or UV ink, these are known to be bright, highly pigmented and last for years. Due to these benefits, it also unfortunately means they don't fair well when it is time for the signage to be disposed. The water-based inks we have employed have a wide-range of applications including both indoor and outdoor displays. The ink is of such a good quality, it still carries high weatherability like its solvent counterpart.

A fully eco-friendly signage solutions that will last the Team in South Yorkshire a long time to come, plus when they are finished, they can rest assured the planet will thank them for it. Big green thumbs-up for all involved!

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Posted by Samantha on August 31st 2021

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