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New Product! The Eco-Friendly Printed ‘Triaprint’ Polypropylene Board

Creative Solutions have been hard at work, designing and creating yet another new product: the Eco-Friendly Printed ‘Triaprint’ Polypropylene Board. 

One of the primary objectives for this product, was to find a viable replacement for the outdated, ecologically damaging PVC boards. Because ours are made entirely of polypropylene and completely PVC-free, we have ensured that the product is not only durable but also 100% recyclable. Compared to the alternatives of PVC or Foamex, this board’s environmental sustainability is incomparable. Aside from the fact that PVC is neither biodegradable or even degradable, it has often been suggested that no other plastic presents such a direct environmental and human health threat as polyvinyl chloride does throughout its lifecycle; from manufacture, to use, to disposal. Yet its demand seems to barely waver.

Here at Creative Solutions, we are resolute in our quest to create ecologically responsible alternatives to existing products. This new Eco-Friendly Printed 'Triaprint' Polypropylene Board is just that. As with the Polycolour Pinboard, we have attempted to create a highly versatile product, one which is able to meet a large number of needs and design requirements. 

Indeed, the Triaprint can be used for a multitude of visual communication functions. Whether that’s indoor/outdoor signage for high street stores, eye-catching displays for exhibitions and events, or advertising hoardings for local companies. The Triaprint board covers many bases.

What makes this product so effective, and why we’re so pleased to be bringing it to market, is its double-edged design characteristics. Because of its ingenious structure, the board is both lightweight and remarkably rigid and robust. The Triaprint is an extruded polypropylene sheet consisting of three layers, the centre of which is a cell structured core. So, while this core gives the board its vital properties of high rigidity and compressed strength, its outer layers remain smooth. The ideal surface for digital and screen printing. The board has also been given Corona treatment, a surface modification technique, which allows for UV printing.

Posted on January 30th 2020

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