Acrylic Signage for Toad Hall Cottages
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Lightbox Signage for Toad Hall Cottages

Directional Signage for Toad Hall Cottages

For 30 years, Toad Hall Cottages has developed an illustrious holiday home property portfolio in the South West of England. Their portfolio consists of over 650 cottages which are available for holidays and short breaks through the year.


Directional signage for visitors

We were called into head office by Toad Hall Cottages during their own property negotiation. They already occupied one half of an office and were negotiating taking over the other half. We were asked to survey the property and assist with creating directional signage for visitors, so they would be directed to the correct department.

The building would be split into two parts: Holiday Letting and Property Management. We were also asked to come up with logo print work for the interior of the building to reinforce the brand and complement interior directional signs. 


Expert design, print work and installation

We created a few different signs for Toad Hall Cottages. The first project was to create a directional sign for people entering the property, so clients could be directed to the relevant department. We printed the directional sign on acrylic and to reinforce the brand, printed logo work on acrylic to complement the sign.

The client also wanted to make a feature of their logo and make it a centre piece inside the property. We printed their logo on the reverse of a transparent acrylic with polished edges and square corners, so it caught the light. We printed the logo in a white ink, so we could achieve the deepest colour for the logo on our flatbed printer.

We installed all directional signage ourselves. Installation took half a day and we used the best fixings for maximum longevity. We also relocated a light box for the client which we’d installed some time ago. It was moved to the centre of the building so clients would know the whole building was now occupied by Toad Hall Cottages.

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Lightbox Sign
Lightbox Sign Toad Hall Cottages

The lightbox sign previously installed by Creative Solutions moved centrally as part of the office migration.

Posted by Jedd on April 24th 2018

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