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Dechrome Black Pack for Clients Jaguar XJ


Dechrome Black Pack For Clients Jaguar XJ


Dechroming Service


Dechrome wrapping is an aftermarket service that can radically change the appearance of your vehicle. The wrap covers the exposed areas of chrome trim normally around windows, doors, grills,  handles and badges. The choices for dechroming are unlimited with Gloss, Satin, Matt and Carbon Fibre finishes, most commonly done in black, but can be any colour you desire.


Dechroming not only offers a wealth of personalisation and aesthetic change, but also offers protection against scuffs and scrapes. Some feel a chrome surround on areas of their vehicle acts as a 'frame', especially if their paintwork is black, steel grey or any other dark colour. A dechrome wrap creates a much sleeker appearance, giving a sporty, more expensive look and feel.

  • PROTECTION - Dechroming, otherwise known as 'Chrome Delete' is used as a method to protect the factory fitted chrome, rather than replace or remove it. Vinyl wraps are laminated in your choice of finish to offer additional protection against scuffs, scrapes and UV-damage, all aiding to keep your vehicle looking brand new.
  • HEAT REDUCTION - No more hot door handles in Summer! Dechroming can be used to keep bright exposed metal fixings, as well as interior areas in your car cooler during the hotter months, its a benefit of having a high-performing vinyl that is capable of withstanding heat change.
  • APPEARANCE - We all have a dream car, so why not invest in customising the appearance of yours to get the look you want. Dechroming if done to a high-standard can also aid the resale value of your vehicle, why do you think dealerships invest in pre-sale installations? Check out this Dechrome Black Pack we installed for Hampton Automotive's Audi Q3


How Much Does It Cost To Dechrome A Car?

The cost to dechrome a car will depend on the model of the car, the size, and how much coverage you are wanting.

Typically for exteriors, this will include:

  • Front Grill
  • Window Trims
  • Roof Racks
  • Door Handles
  • Bumper Edges
  • Wing Mirrors
  • Car Badges
  • Lighting Surrounds

For interiors, you may consider:

  • Steering Wheel Centre
  • Door Trims
  • Centre Consol
  • Gear Stick or Buttons (Manual / Automatic)

Regular 4/5 seater vehicles may fall between £450 - £550 for a external dechrome. Larger vehicles can cost between £750 - £1,800. Remember attention to detail and skill in application is everything to make sure a dechrome service is long-lasting, looks great and has a professional finish every time.

We can offer a no-obligation quotation service for all levels of dechroming you would like to see. We can also send you samples of the types of vinyl (for a small fee) so you can hand-select in advance your dechrome colour and finish. Simply drop us an email including some pictures of your car, make, model and reg to the email address below!


How Long Does a Dechrome Last?

We know the internet is filled right now with DIY videos and reems of sellers online selling vinyl which may lead you to thinking you can do this yourself. HOWEVER, we would ALWAYS recommend having any detailing service done by a professional.

The quality, precision and patience required for a vehicle wrap, especially on areas as small as required for a dechrome call for qualified handler with the materials, tools, space, and equipment to do the best job.

The durability of your chrome delete depends heavily on the installation, as well as after installation care like how gently you wash your car (avoid high pressure, car drive-through washes, and sponges with a mesh cover). All this aside though, the vinyl used is the same quality as a full car wrap service, so you should see your dechrome lasting 5-7years with virtually no maintenance required during this time.


Can I Remove Chrome Delete Vinyl From My Car Myself?

Having your vehicle dechromed is not a permanent change - it is reversible.

As long as you are patient and performed correctly, it will leave no damage, no residue and no lasting effect on your chrome trims, inside or outside.

We recommend obtaining a specific vinyl remover spray, applying a little heat (get that extension cable out and plug in a hair dryer, or a professional heat gun) to de-bond the adhesive agent and remove slowly with a damp cloth. Once the main strips of vinyl are removed, you can go back over to remove any residue gently. DO NOT scrub or apply harsh chemicals that you would not apply to your car during general maintenance and cleaning.

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Posted by Samantha on May 12th 2023

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