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Custom-Sized Acrylic Protective Screens for Oriel CARN


Based in Caernarfon, north-west Wales, CARN is an artist-led initiative that engages with artists, arts organisations and community members—or anyone with a passion for the arts who can recognize its positive impact on the community.

At the heart of CARN’s ethos, is the recognition that helping artists develop their talent can, ultimately, enhance the contribution they make to society.


The coronavirus pandemic has put an enormous pressure on UK businesses since last March. What’s important now, as the country tries to return to some kind of normality, is that public facilities like Oriel CARN continue to operate in as safe an environment as possible—for both staff and customers. 

To help businesses tackle these ongoing challenges; to help them adhere to strict government guidelines, Creative Solutions have designed a whole range of COVID-19 display products, visual communication and protection systems.

Among the most important considerations for public buildings, is the issue of social distancing between customers and staff; to prohibit the spread of germs when transactions and interactions are made within the premises. 

Our range of custom-made protective screens and prevention systems can be installed in a variety of locations and business environments. For Oriel CARN, they were looking for us to create an acrylic protection screen for their reception desk. 

Our production team can create screens to fit the exact dimensions you require; these fully custom-made products are designed with your needs in mind.


To help Oriel CARNS create a safe environment at the arts centre while they welcome back a steady flow of visitors, while following government guidelines, we provided them with three custom-cut 5mm clear acrylic protective screens. 

After taking some precise measurements of the reception desk, we were able to manufacture the screens for an exact fit. The screens measured 1000mm by 800mm, with a custom-sized hole cut for safe interaction and transaction between customers and staff. Each screen is designed to be fully-free standing on the desktop, which allows for simple installation, reconfiguration, or removal if needed. 

This is a superb product, purpose-built for these challenging times. They can be implemented in a variety of different locations and settings—from bars and restaurants, to offices and public art centres. We’re always happy to incorporate branding into your prevention systems, too, with a range of custom decals and vinyl graphics available in our range. For Oriel CARN, they know they can welcome visitors back to their facility, secure in the knowledge that they have created a safe environment for their customers and staff.

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Posted on July 2nd 2021

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