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Custom Shaped Acrylic for Protections Screens and Display


"Perspex® and acrylic are essentially the same thing. Perspex® acrylic is a premium branded acrylic and, as such, is manufactured to the highest industry standards possible. Perspex® acrylic has an enviable reputation as the very best acrylic available."

With a fantastic glass like finish, Perspex is a hugely popular option for contemporary signage and advertising. Through Covid-19, it has also become a key component in sneeze screens and protective guards for all settings like front-of-house retail areas, office desks to offer staff added protection and social distancing in offices, and gyms between equipment so they can remain open more safely.

Commonly used for office signs, door signs and reception signs, display cabinets, protective sheets for outdoor pavement signs, and so much more, Perspex is available in several different thicknesses dependent on your requirements, from a thin flexible film, to a rigid, thick barrier. You can also print your photos direct to clear acrylic, or apply opaque or translucent vinyl stickers for added branding, privacy, or just so it blends into its environment, making your space more welcoming and capturing your organisations essence in incredible definition and clarity. 

Curved Acrylic Screens with Clamp Mounting for Pub
Translucent Vinyl applications for privacy and detail
Opaque Vinyl application for desk tidy and branding
Printed Vinyl Acrylic Safety Screen with transaction cut-out
Custom size and shaped screens for serving area and protection


Bending acrylic is a material process we offer in-house at Creative Solutions. It means we can offer a fully bespoke service to reshape the acrylic to any angle or smooth curve.

Like you can see in the image here (right), perfectly formed from a single sheet of acrylic, this display box can be mounted onto a wooden base to protect our client's model.

Curved acrylic can be much smoother to the eye in different spaces than harsh straight lines. We can do this to pretty much any sized piece, like these curved custom protection screens for The King's Arms Pub. Their wooden bar stretches the length of the back wall, so to suit the shape of the bar, we curved the acrylic to the shape, adding clamp mounting systems along the way for added stability without damaging the wood.

Vinyl Stickers also work wonders to customise your acrylic. The same process as mounting onto glass office partitions, vinyl applications can transform your acrylic display so it is embedded into its new setting. The variety vinyl can take is like asking the length of a piece of string.

Blockout vinyl is used to add branding or logos to your acrylic, and is perfect for adding a branded touch, or at the bottom of office desk screens as a type of cable tidy. Translucent, or semi-opaque vinyls work fantastically to add privacy without interfering with light availability.


With acrylic safety screens and displays set to be part of our business and personal lives now as a norm, if you are looking to get set-up with a new acrylic instalment, or personalise what you already have in place, do get in touch to discuss your options.

As mentioned above, safety screens may be there to offer protection both from viruses and infections, as well as added safety in shops, but that does not mean they need to look clinical and not mesh with your branding or business layout. It is our due diligence to make sure we are sourcing the best materials on the market for you, offer products that will aid in your staff and customers wellbeing and safety whilst you are in contact, and offer a creative approach to suit all clients we work with.

Hopefully by exploring our blogs and product testimonials, you can see we stand by our word!

Posted by Samantha on February 17th 2022

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