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Custom Protection Screen and Prevention Systems for The King's Arms, Stockland


The King’s Arms in Stockland is a traditional free house that prides itself on serving local and guest beers, and reasonably-priced, freshly-prepared pub cuisine—using all the locally-sourced ingredients the area has to offer. Patrons of The King’s Arms can also take advantage of their three spacious, fully-furnished double-letting rooms. 

The pub is an important pillar of the community in the village of Stockland; even in testing times, it remains a popular location for social gathering and local activities.


The CoronaVirus pandemic has impacted the UK pub and restaurant industry more than most in the last 6 months. While establishments like The King’s Arms have been able to reopen their doors to the general public, they now have to operate with the added responsibility of providing a safe environment for their patrons.

To aid businesses with these types of practical challenges, Creative Solutions are proud to be able to present our new range of COVID 19 products to give support to important community mainstays like The King’s Arms.

Among the key measures to be implemented by pubs, perhaps the most fundamental is the application of social distancing between customers and staff. Our range of protective screens and preventions systems are a great way of installing physical barriers between bar staff and customers—as well as an effective method of separating tables and controlling foot traffic in the bar and restaurant area.

Taking full advantage of our social distancing range, The King’s Arms approached Creative Solutions looking for a number of custom-made protective screens to help control the movement of patrons, and provide a safe environment for both staff and customers.


As the thoroughfare is directly next to the bar, Creative Solutions were required to create a series of custom screens. The fully-transparent acrylic panels would direct people around a one-way system, while simultaneously maximizing the space for the various tables and seating areas in the building.

After carrying out a site survey—upon which we collected measurements and finalized the locations for the floor stickers—we provided the client with a made-to-measure service.

The screens were housed in custom-made stainless steel brackets that would  clamp onto the three bars within the premises—this meant that they could be removed without damaging the wooden bar tops. For one section of the bar, we were required to bend 5mm acrylic to fit the space; a process limited by the property of the material. 

The client was delighted with the product. With all these protective measures in place, The King’s Arms can now operate knowing they’re doing all they can to facilitate the health and safety of their customers. Creative Solutions were very pleased to be involved.

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Posted on October 9th 2020

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