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Custom Printed Whiteboards for Amonev Ltd


Amonev are industry leaders in creating fun, innovative products that children can play and learn with. They are most known for their range of teaching clocks, watches, puzzles and highly-creative development toys.

Amonev’s goal is to help nurture and develop children through play, and their products are designed and created with every child’s needs in mind. 


The client made contact with the team here at Creative looking for us to provide a selection of A4 printed handheld whiteboards for their range. These whiteboards would come in a variety of designs—all of which are aimed to help child development. This includes reward charts, bedtime routine planners, toilet training aids, and various other tools for children and their parents to engage with.

Custom-printed whiteboards are a uniquely versatile product.  As well as being a great addition to an office or workplace environment, they can be just as effective for educational and developmental purposes—in school and at home. 

We can print literally anything onto your whiteboard; any design, graphic, chart, planner, map you could hope to imagine. They’re hugely popular with primary school children—and their parents—thanks to the unlimited possibility of design. For incentivised reward charts like this, whiteboards are the perfect option.

Our custom whiteboards use only the finest dry-wipe material and we can provide a number of laminate finishes to fit any budget. The whiteboards are also available in either non-magnetic or magnetic. 

The potential is enormous for these much-loved items in our range— AND, if that’s not enough, we can also ship our whiteboards nationwide. So, wherever you are in the UK, you can take advantage of these high-quality products!


We provided the client with a large quantity of handheld single-side printed whiteboards with a dry-wipe laminate surface. This finish allows the charts to be used and amended as many times as you wish. 

The whiteboards came in a variety of designs. In total, we provided 150 unicorn-themed toilet charts, 100 unicorn-themed potty charts, 150 dinosaur-themed toilet charts, and 50 dinosaur-themed potty charts. On top of that, we also supplied 50 kids toilet charts and a whole range of reward charts and bedtime routine planners. All of the designs were created from print-ready PDFs provided by the client.

As these whiteboards would be aimed at children, it was important that the various designs were vibrant and engaging, something that we more than achieved with the quality of the print. The graphics are sharp and bursting with colour. 

The 297 by 210mm (A4) whiteboards are finished with 10mm rounded corners and come with two drill holes for easy installation. The client was thrilled with the finished product!

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Posted on May 4th 2021

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