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Custom Printed Whiteboards for the Royal Devon and Exeter Wonford Hospital

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The initial requirement from Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust was for approximately 800 customised printed whiteboards of various sizes. Each was to be individually tailored for the hospital wards at the Royal Devon and Exeter Wonford Hospital.

Being a digital printer we have a massive choice of whiteboards that we can use that are labelled as having dry-wipe properties. To ensure we selected the best for our customised whiteboard offering we tested over a 100 different materials using different pens until we were totally satisfied that we had the right one for our needs. 

So when we received the requirement from Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust we were confident that we could supply them with exactly what they needed. We planned to produce the bespoke boards to the different sizes, most being 1800 x 1200mm, in- house to keep the costs as low as possible and install them as required. However, we soon hit a problem... once in use the whiteboards were getting marked!

The problem that we faced was that although the pens that we supplied with the whiteboards worked beautifully, many of the nurses used their own dry-wipe pens and these, especially the cheap red dry-wipe pens, marked the whiteboard - in fact they were of such low quality they would probably have marked any dry-wipe surface!

We went back to the drawing board and tested a further selection of whiteboard surfaces with over a 100 different manufacturers’ dry-wipe pens. We eventually found a laminate that worked with every single pen we threw at it, but to be totally convinced we needed it to be tested in use at the Hospital.

We produced a sample custom printed whiteboard for the busiest ward at Royal Devon & Exeter Wonford Hospital and asked the nurses to write on the whiteboard whenever they passed it. We left this sample whiteboard in place for 4 weeks. When we returned to check the sample we were delighted to see that it still looked as good as new and, most importantly, there were no old pen marks!

We reprinted the whole job onto the new tried and tested whiteboard. They have now been in situ since 2010, and we are continually producing more as new wards are opened.

The whiteboard used is now the Premium Custom Printed Whiteboard that we supply and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

We have worked with Creative Solutions now for a number of years. We first got to know them when we were looking for ‘Patient Status at a Glance’ white boards for the wards at Royal Devon & Exeter Wonford Hospital. Creative Solutions supplied the Trust with bespoke boards customised to each ward to enable us to quickly identify the status of each patient.

We wanted to use a local company and went to a number for a quote. Creative Solutions were the only company at that time that could totally fulfil our specification to provide us with customised ‘anti-glare magnetic boards’ at a competitive price. The products as well as the supporting services that we received were excellent and we have had a relationship with them ever since. We have continued to purchase white boards and other customised signage. I am always impressed with their knowledge and willingness to put themselves out to help They always make a point of fully understanding what we need and have even made visits with us around the wards to find out our exact requirements so they can recommend the right solution. If you are looking for a printing/signage company that provides quality products combined with great customer service we would highly recommend working with them”.

Service Development Team, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust.


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Posted by Jedd on January 17th 2014

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