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Custom Printed Wallpaper for The Community Waffle House


Custom Printed Wallpaper for The Community Waffle House in Axminster


The Community Waffle House

An 100% non-profit cafe and community space is now open in Trinity House on the main Axminster high street. They have set hearts and stomachs a-flutter with their delectable menu and ever-engaging events schedule, as well as using their new home to create spaces tailored for all potential visitors.

Warm and welcoming, The Community Waffle House team invited Creative Solutions back for their next round of display pieces which were set to bring whimsical fun and colour into the bright interior.  You can read all about their new signage and first custom wallpaper installation here!

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Whimsical & Fun Spaces for Visitors to enjoy!

Large display areas demand a highly visual installation, especially when making that first impression for visitors. Our custom printed wallpaper is perfect for any retail and service environment. A customised wall mural can be transformational, with our printing capabilities there are infinite options for creating a stunning wallpaper display. Whether it be branded images to represent your company, product promotion, or simply inspiring imagery, your printed wallpaper is sure to make your business stand out.

Waffle House designed the wall-art installations, using gaming inspired bold block-stylings with bright colours and thick black linework, spotted with instantly recognisable characters like Teenage Ninja Turtles, Pacman and Space Invaders. The Soft Play area took on a much calmer styling, with one of the Waffle House team members creating a beautiful scenic hand-drawn forest full of creatures, flowers and simple text.

Working with these spaces and the wall surface dictates what type of wall covering is used. Brick, Plaster, Wood and Metal all react differently to the environment, be it heat, moisture, changes in temperature, as well as the proximity to people and how they may get wear and tear over the years. We will go through our extensive catalogue of print medias and finishes to make sure you are getting not only a quality product to stand the test of time, but also match it to your environment and intended use.

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Wallpaper for the Win

Creating eye-catching interior and exterior displays that wow your visitors and delight managers is our passion. We wouldn't call ourselves specialists if we did not have some of the most skilled team members in the South West, or one of the largest arrays of print medias at our disposal. Being able to see the process through concept, design, proof, and final installation is how we make sure our quality throughout is second-to-none, and you get nothing less than the best.

For both wall-art installations, we used a High Performance Polymeric 7 year Digital Vinyl with High Tack Air Release Vinyl, finished with a matt laminate.  Full Colour CMYK  Print and Matt Laminate.

To jargon bust that, 'Polymeric' offers a much longer lifespan as it works in synergy with the adhesive used to mount it. Having 'Air Release' qualities means that chemicals used in the adhesive will release over time, creating a strong bond with the surface adding to its longevity, whilst also allowing both to breathe (old wallpaper may bubble, crease and peal inwards when the surface, or the wallpaper, cannot naturally contract or expand). Applying a laminate over the top protects the print from fading and scuffs, enhancing the properties of the media used.

These two additions to the Waffle House Hub bring new life into the building, and we are incredibly proud to have been able to assist again with this project!

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Posted by Samantha on July 26th 2022

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