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Custom Printed Wallpaper for Cricket St Thomas Golf Club's Fitness Suite


Custom Printed Wallpaper for Cricket St Thomas Golf Club's Fitness Suite


Cricket St Thomas Golf Club

Cricket St. Thomas Golf Club is located off the A30 near Chard in Somerset. The club has over 80 years of history and provides members and visitors alike the chance to play on a beautiful parkland course with outstanding views across the surrounding countryside.

Cricket St Thomas has flourished into much more than a golf course in recent years. Following the purchase in 2014, the new owners made a decision to re-brand from the former 'Windwhistle' and the club now has a newly renovated bar, restaurant, conference and wedding facilities, making CST Golf Club the premier golfing and events destination in Somerset, where everyone is welcome!

We worked with CSTGC earlier in the year updating their wayfinding and site signage to assist visitors navigate the new site layout, so it was an absolute pleasure to now go back and start updating the aesthetic elements of these spaces - the first one being their rejuvenated fitness suite!

Red Ammonite Logo on Cream background for Holmbush Cafe in Lyme Regis
Printed Window Graphics - Ammonite logo for Holmbush Cafe


Adding A Splash Of Colour

You really can turn any room into an exciting and engaging space with our custom printed wallpaper! Whether it be a one-off feature wall, and entire room or multiple panels like those created here for CSTGC,  we can print any image you like in stunning high definition straight on to wallpaper, ready for a paste-and-apply application either by ourselves, or DIY.

Printed wallpaper is a superb graphic design choice for a brief of this kind and a hugely popular product in our range. We have the ability to transform commercial, home, and public spaces with any high-definition artwork the client might need—all printed directly onto premium-quality wallpaper. If you don't have your own imagery or artwork to hand, we recommend browsing high quality image banks such as Shutterstock to find your perfect printable installation. We also supply a full range of wallpaper adhesives to create a one-stop-shop for your wallpaper installation.

For CSTGC this was exactly the case, large display areas demand a highly visual installation, especially when making that first impression for visitors. They had recently renovated the gym, which was incredibly light and spacious, however lacked branding, colour and a vibrancy that comes with creating an environment made for energy to be burnt. With their design brief, logo and ideas in mind, our design team set to work sourcing imagery from Shutterstock alongside creating custom designs to suit the spaces indicated in the brief (see the Artwork Proof above right).

Installed with conventional decorating techniques, our pastable wallpaper range is printed in glorious full colour. Even in some of these seemingly awkward spaces in alcoves, around corners or with cable covers cutting the space, our team can work with these and manipulate the materials to form to these with no issues! As examples you can see the retro gaming themed printed wallpaper created for The Waffle House in Axminster.

Client Supplied Artwork Design Brief for New Window and Door Vinyl Decals
Creative Solutions Artwork Proof for Window & Door Vinyl Decals for Holmbush Cafe, Lyme Regis
Custom Created Branding & Decal Installations for Holmbush Cafe in Lyme Regis
Client Supplied Artwork Design Brief for New Window and Door Vinyl Decals
Creative Solutions Artwork Proof for Window & Door Vinyl Decals for Holmbush Cafe, Lyme Regis
Custom Created Branding & Decal Installations for Holmbush Cafe in Lyme Regis


Custom Printed Wallpaper Creations

Creating eye-catching interior displays that wow your visitors and allow you to take complete ownership of a space is our passion.  We wouldn't call ourselves specialists if we did not have some of the most skilled team members in the South West, or one of the largest arrays of print medias at our disposal. Being able to see the process through concept, design, proof, and final installation is how we make sure our quality throughout is second-to-none, and you get nothing less than the best.

For each of these incredible wallpaper prints, we used a High Performance Polymeric 7 Year Digital Vinyl with High Tack Air Release properties, finished with a matt laminate. 

To jargon bust, 'Polymeric' offers a much longer lifespan as it works in synergy with the adhesive used to mount it. Having 'Air Release' qualities means that chemicals used in the adhesive will release over time, creating a strong bond with the surface adding to its longevity, whilst also allowing both the wall its mounted to and the wallpaper to breathe (old wallpaper may bubble, crease and peal inwards when the surface, or the wallpaper, cannot naturally contract or expand). Applying a laminate over the top protects the print from fading and scuffs, enhancing the properties of the media used.


Want To Know More About Custom Printed Wallpaper?


Any design, any room, any space. We've had experience printing wallpaper for business spaces, receptions and offices in corporate designs, but also many satisfied clients with bespoke printed wallpaper for their homes. We've seen client created artwork, murals, OS Regional and local maps, landscapes and photography as well as:


YES! The technology in wallpaper has come so far, you don't need to be stuck with a monotone bathroom paint any longer. As you can see for this client, we can supply wallpaper made to fit their roof-top, sloped ceiling, with skylight, bathroom. The possibilities are endless! We are always ready to take on a creative challenge, and can work with you throughout concept to finished print for any design and space. 


The price of wallpaper depends on the type of product you need, which room it is going in (A bathroom wallpaper is going to need to be laminated for water-protection, where as a living room or bedroom wallpaper at a minimum is going to need to be scratch-resistant), and how big the space is. Our dedicated team can create a quote for you before you commit to any work so you know exactly what your investment is going to be.

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Posted by Samantha on April 12th 2023

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