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Custom Printed Home Bar Front for Private Client


Custom Printed Home Bar Front for Private Client


Private Client's Home Bar

A well-stocked home bar is essential for entertaining friends and family. Over time, it can also save you some serious cash compared to a night out on the town.

Since Covid called into question the ability to ever visit our local bars and pubs again, many homeowners turned to utilising their time during lockdown to renovate their homes, creating luxuries in their own space to share with friends and family.

Our client had done exactly this, building a wooden home bar in an outbuilding on their property. Now it was time to make it into a piece of art with a flair of originality...


Creative Customisation For Home Bar

A fond lover of Craft Beers, our client chose to dress their home bar front in a brightly coloured collage of craft beer labels! Each label was carefully scanned and then laid up in a pattern for the full coverage area of the front and both sides of the bar.


Custom Printed ViPrint


ViPrint is an innovative and stylish range of polypropylene (PP) sheet, designed to meet the creative demands of the graphic arts industry. ViPrint polypropylene plastic sheets are available in a range of finishes including sand, gloss, anti-reflective and diagonal line embossed.


ViPrint sheet is low density, lightweight, flexible and resistant. It has brilliant printability and excellent folding capabilities, as well as good impact resistance. It is also avaialble in an extensive range of colours, thicknesses, finishes and textures.

ViPrint polypropylene plastic sheet can be direct printed, allowing for vibrant colour and image recreation. This makes it a popular choice for products like handheld whiteboards, POS displays, stationary, boxes, labels and tages as well as larger panelling creation.


ViPrint is a recyclable plastic sheet, the composition of which complies with REACH regulations. It is halogen-free, ozone-free and phthalate-free. ViPrint can also be folded and creased using traditional die-cutting techniques and offers some of the best chemical and moisture resistance in class.

Unlike PVC, ViPrint gives off no chlorine gasses if burnt. It is an ecological and 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP) sheet.

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Posted by Samantha on July 19th 2023

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