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Custom Outdoor Lettering and Signage for The Station Kitchen


Custom Outdoor Lettering and Signage for The Station Kitchen


The Station Kitchen

Found on the edge of the old West Bay Station platform in Bridport, The Station Kitchen is a quirky, award-winning restaurant that brings a vintage setting firmly into the modern world.  The restaurant prides itself on taking classic, rustic dishes, and transforming them with a contemporary twist.

Customers are invited onboard the converted train carriage and into the restaurant for an unforgettable culinary journey—without ever leaving the station! To add another string to their bow, The Station Kitchen have launched their new 'relaxed dining experience' alongside their formal setting. You can now see adjacent to the main hub a bright pink kiosk style cabin, offering you a full menu of wood fired pizzas!

Custom Acrylic Lettering
Circular Aluminium Panel Sign


A New Take On Dining Signage

We have been The Station Kitchen's dedicated signage and display supplier for almost a decade now, creating new pieces for the restaurant and watching customers flock to the new take on dining in a converted train carriage. The team their have a strong vision for their branding and displays, and partnered with our excellent in-house Graphic Designers and Production Team,  its always a pleasure to see the business expand and take on new facets.

For this particular project, open from this September, TSK have now opened a Wood Fired Pizza cabin, that we at Creative have affectionately dubbed The Pink Pizza Palace.

To get some inviting designs onto the wooden exterior, TSK chose to have some long-lasting custom acrylic lettering finishes with invisible self-adhesive stand off locators under the ordering window, as well as a new aluminium circular panel sign for the cabins top. This seamless branding now lets customers and passer-by know it is an extension of the restaurant, and anyone knows that the quality and flavours of the food will be repeated - in pizza form.


Eye-Catching External Restaurant Signage

Aluminium Panels are any sign-makers go-to media for longevity, production and peace of mind. Aluminium is incredibly long-lasting and can withstand all the environment (especially near the coast) has to throw at it. To reap these benefits, we print the branding design onto an equally high-performance laminated 7-year vinyl that is then expertly applied to the aluminium. In a sheltered location like this, the vinyl may last even longer, but the aluminium will be there for 25+ years before showing signs of needing replacing.

The acrylic lettering is cut specially in-house, and polished for a glass-like finish from all angles. We have access to  a vast range of stock colours, and can also face acrylic in a custom printed and finished vinyl to create any effect you are going for! These are applied using a super-strong self-adhesive stand-off locator to the wood surface to give a seamless, floating effect to the letters without the new for screws.

We hope the September 2022 launch is a massive success, the menu looks absolutely mouth-watering, and the signage on-point. Thank you to The Station Kitchen team for entrusting us with another installation!

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Posted by Samantha on September 3rd 2022

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