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UK businesses have been feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic since March. Despite lockdown rules easing in certain regions, and employees being able to return to their offices, there still remains a responsibility for business owners to implement every practical measure to ensure their staff are working in as safe an environment as possible. 

In response to the types of challenges these businesses face, Creative Solutions have launched a brand-new range of products to help during these difficult, ever-evolving times. For offices, we have created a variety of protection screens and prevention systems with one goal in mind: to keep the UK workforce safe.

The client in this case, required a series of protection screens for an office in which the staff would be working in relatively close proximity to each other. To minimize the spread of germs between employees, and promote social distancing as much as possible, Creative Solutions would be providing custom-made counter protection screens for each individual desk and workspace.


We supplied the client with bespoke 5mm clear acrylic counter protection screens which would be installed on the office desks. This consisted of a left, right and middle acrylic screen to provide an extensive shield for each employee’s personal workspace. For ease of fitting, each section was assembled using our bespoke desk divider.

Each screen came with 10mm rounded top corners with a 20mm overlap at the joins and a custom-cut transaction hole in the front following the client’s brief. In addition, and for flexibility of use, the acrylic screens could be lifted off the desk with ease. If the screens did need to be removed, we also provided a 30mm wide section to fill the resulting gap.

Creative Solutions also supplied four 5mm acrylic side screens, measuring  1300 x 650mm. These clear panels, with no cutouts, came with rounded 10mm corners on the 258mm overhang and for the front top edge with a routed slot for attaching the front screen. The screens were installed using eight hard-wearing clamps which were screwed into the desk. The result is an environment fully equipped to deal with the challenges and health concerns of a working office space during a coronavirus pandemic. The client was delighted with the quality of the product and the service we provided.

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Posted on October 9th 2020

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