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Custom Fabricated Aluminium Tray Signs & ACM Internal Signage for Cloakham Lawn Sports Club


Custom Fabricated Aluminium Tray Sign & ACM Signage for Cloakham Lawn Sports Club


Cloakham Lawn Sports Club

Situated on the outskirts of Axminster, Cloakham Lawn Sports Centre has been providing sporting facilities for over twenty years to the local community. CLSC has a large and active social membership plus facilities for Boules, Cricket, Football, Indoor Bowls and Outdoor Bowls. The centre has bar, catering, changing, meeting and parking facilities, with the bar housing two skittle allies as well as a darts board open to all visitors.

BEFORE: Existing Signage
BEFORE: Existing Signage
BEFORE: Colour Matching


Expanding Your Site Signage

The team at CLSC got in touch for a site visit to talk about expanding their signage, making the site much more identifiable and welcoming.

The site already had an existing external tray sign on the far left, so this was to be matched against for size, placement and brand colouring. Our team headed over to conduct a site visit to talk vision, budget, as well as take measurements to accurately quote from.

Inside the building a simpler sign was needed to welcome visitors to the sports bar, and window graphics were discussed for a later project once design ideas have been finalised.

AFTER: Matching Tray Signs
AFTER: Size-Perfect ACM Signage
AFTER: Fabricated Custom-Size Powder Coated Aluminium Tray Signs


Business Signage With Impact


Crafted using hard wearing aluminium, these folded tray signs are made to last. Aluminium Tray Signs are a popular and long-lasting choice when a strong first impression is required, delivering simple construction to the installation team and lasting appeal to the customer.

The properties of aluminium mean that these signs are created with longevity in mind so budgets do dictate taking this into consideration. The metal trays - the part that gets mounted to the wall, have a lifespan of 25 years + outdoors, and they can be re-skinned indefinitely to keep up with your business branding - which is much more likely to change before the sign needs replacing! They’re also waterproof and rust-resistant especially when powder-coated.

For CLSC, each of the two trays were fabricated with custom cut aluminium mounting bars, fitted to the extruded panelling of the building. The trays are then powder coated white for an incredibly finish and longevity as mentioned above. Once dry and cured, we then fit the custom cut vinyl graphics in a long-lasting material that matches your signage brief. With the colour matching done at the site visit, we used a 7-year guaranteed Olympic Blue gloss finish high-tack vinyl made for external signage.


For the clubs internal wayfinding signage needed to identify the Sports Bar, we manufactured a cut-to-size ACM panel and faced with a gloss white vinyl. The same high-tack adhesive Olympic Blue lettering is then placed with precision to the panel, and mounted to the wall with ease.

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) is an incredibly versatile and budget-friendly signage material. Strong, lightweight and completely customisable, ACM can be cut to any size, easily fixed in place, and faced with either a direct print, or a vinyl overlay for full-colour vibrancy, longevity and ease of renewing in a few years time.

Our Long-lasting vinyl applications are then printed with your design, logo and artwork onto a high-performance vinyl with either a 1, 5 or 7-year guarantee. This variety allows you to assess how long the signage needs to be in place, if you have any upcoming plans to refresh your branding or vision, as well as be assured your sign is going to look great for years to come.

As the ACM will always outlive its vinyl application, it means you can re-face your signage time and time again without having to replace everything.

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Posted by Samantha on August 16th 2023

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