Custom Branded Stainless Steel Coffee Stencils

Enhance your cup of coffee and customer experience with personalised, branded coffee stencils. Made from the highest food-grade stainless steel, your coffee stencils can be cut in-house using your design, or enroll our expert CreativeStudio to create the perfect coffee dusting design for you!

Our in-house design team will bring your brand, logo, design, or idea alive in coffee art.


These custom coffee stencils can be custom designed to use your logo, branding, messaging or monogram to create a stencil that will turn every cappuccino into a perfect method of promoting your business or just to add the personal touch. The material used is food grade 1.5mm thick Stainless Steel and all production is carried out in the UK here at our Unit in Axminster.


Custom Made Coffee stencils are manufactured by creating a digital vector file from your logo or design. You can send us the artwork you require in a digital format or our design studio can assist you with this process. Some designs need to be simplified to enable us to manufacture the perfect coffee stencil and enable the dusting powder to be sprinkled perfectly on top of the hot frothy milk on your cappuccino. This is the perfect product for all cafes, restaurants, bars, or at home as a gift or for those self-love days. We manufacture these stencils to the highest food hygiene standards using the best quality food grade stainless steel.

The custom stencil can be used may times and is both hand and dishwasher safe. It can also be used for a variety of catering purposes from plates to cocktails and cakes. The stencil is designed to enable you to control the positioning and amount of the product that you are sprinkling as easily as possible. 

We can custom design Coffee Stencils to any size, quantity and shape - please get in touch if you have a bespoke enquiry and we can send you a no-obligation quote and design template.

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Custom Coffee Stencils

Posted by Samantha on April 12th 2022

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