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Creative Solutions unveils two new additions to their COVID range

Protection screens and prevention systems

Facilitating social distancing and preventing the spread of germs is perhaps the most pressing issue for UK businesses in this transitional period. With that in mind, Creative Solutions have drawn on our wealth of experience in the display industry to design a number of different protective screens and prevention systems. 

These acrylic screens establish a physical barrier between staff and customers in restaurant, hospitality and retail environments, allowing safe face-to-face engagements—a fundamental tool in the fight against COVID-19. Just recently, our team installed a series of protective screens at the King’s Arms free house in Stockland. The fully-transparent acrylic panels were set up to regulate the movement of customers around a one-way system, while utilizing space in the pub’s seating areas at the same time.

They are also perfectly suited for office spaces in which employees can be working in close proximity to each other. The screens can create a protective shield for each employee’s personal workspace. Here’s another great example of our COVID screens in action; a busy working office in which we installed a number of printed custom-made protection screens, thus minimizing the spread of germs between employees and facilitating social distancing as much as possible.

We also give businesses the chance to brand their protection screens. We can either send clients a custom-made protective vinyl screen sticker which they can apply to a previously purchased screen—or the entire product can be pre-printed and delivered as a complete unit. Company logos, bespoke artwork, custom graphics: clients have an unlimited options when it comes to branding their protection screens. Take one of our more recent projects: after installing acrylic protective screens at Martin’s Bar at the Highlands Ends Holiday Park, we were also able to provide some high-quality branded fire engine logos stickers to apply to them.

Protective Screen Vinyl Stickers

Personalise your protective screens and desk dividers with your companies logo and branding for a sleek and professional finish.

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Printed Clear Acrylic Protective Office Desk Screen

Complete with a full colour vinyl print, our Printed Desk Screens can be made to any size up to 1x3m and are made from durable 5mm clear acrylic.

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The coronavirus pandemic has presented some serious challenges for UK businesses in the last few months; the impact has been felt in all sectors of industry. While the stringent lockdown measures have eased over time, and the country’s workforce has been able to return to somewhat normal practices, there remains a responsibility for business owners to minimize risk and create safe environments for their employees and the general public.

To address many of these practical concerns, Creative Solutions have been hard at work creating a number of new products to help employers and business owners during these uncertain times. Our COVID-19 range has been devised with one simple goal in mind: to keep the country’s workforce and the general public safe. The range is stocked with a variety of different print and display products, hand-sanitizing units, protection and prevention systems, and high-quality signage options.

Prints and visual displays

We have a wealth of social distancing prints and visual displays in our range; high-definition printed banners, pavements signs, floor stickers, printed posters. In terms of visual communication, in both commercial and public settings, these high-quality products are hugely effective. Indeed, Creative Solutions have been installing a range of signage options and printed anti-slip floor stickers in schools and medical facilities throughout the pandemic. 

We are delighted with the range of products we have to offer our clients, and are pleased to be helping businesses adapt and find solutions for these new working environments. 

If there is a product that you’re looking for that is not listed on the website, please feel free to get in touch—by phone or email—and we’d be happy to help!

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Posted on October 12th 2020

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