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Creative Classroom Display Ideas to Inspire Learning

As every teacher knows, capturing the attention of pupils is vital but can be challenging. Ensuring kids get the most out of their education requires more than just a strong lesson plan. To really get pupils engaged and participating in their own learning, you need to think about the classroom environment. 

Using creative classroom displays is an excellent way to ensure pupils get the most from every lesson that you teach. You see, research shows that 75% of the information that our brain processes is visual. In addition, visual learning aids have been found to boost pupil’s analytical thinking skills. This sounds great, but you may be wondering how to increase visual learning in your school. To help you get started, we have put together some helpful creative classroom display ideas that are sure to inspire learning:

1. Interactive Bulletin Board

Interactive bulletin boards are an excellent visual learning tool. Using a magnetic framed whiteboard is perfect for this. You can then stick learning activities to the board, such as matching games or guessing the missing numbers in a sequence, and encourage everyone to further their understanding of a specific topic in a fun way. 

Printed Whiteboard with lines

2. DIY Wall Decorations 

Making classroom displays is an excellent way to bring some added colour to your learning environment, and make it look more appealing. This is something you can get your pupils involved in. 

Challenging your class to create artwork is a learning opportunity in itself. You could ask your pupils to create artwork in the style of a particular artist. To make this task even more engaging, you could ask your class to create their art using a variety of materials. This could involve them painting, using mixed media, and letting their creativity run free. Art activities like this are a perfect chance to introduce kids to different art techniques and styles. Plus. they’ll love seeing their creations displayed in the classroom.

3. Engaging Visuals

Using engaging visuals as part of your classroom display is a helpful way to familiarise students with key information that they need to learn. This could be the periodic table, the months of the year, diagrams of different triangles, or angles and their names, etc. Making the displays colourful and attention-grabbing should boost your pupils’ retention of the information. Our printed magnetic frameless whiteboard is a great choice for this. You can simply upload the artwork when you order to have your chosen design printed onto the whiteboard.

Custom Printed Whiteboard Bespoke Design

4. Collaborative Project Displays

Get all students engaged in your topic by creating a collaborative project display. A revolving magnetic whiteboard with two sides will provide plenty of space for the project display. 

You could use the board to encourage students to find interesting facts or photos about your topic and either write them on the board or stick them on with a magnet. Encouraging all pupils to contribute an idea should provide you with lots of discussion points and opportunities to expand your pupils’ understanding of the topic.

5. Inspirational Quotes and Posters

The classroom should be a place that inspires pupils to learn and grow. But part of this is giving kids something to aspire to. Collecting motivational quotes and inspirational posters for your classroom display is an excellent way to achieve this.

6. Student Work Displays

Children get a real sense of pride when they see their best work displayed on the wall for all to see. So, providing the opportunity for your pupils to have their work on display is an excellent way to motivate them to produce their best work. Display boards also enable pupils to see each other’s work and to see the different ways that others have approached the project. Seeing other people’s take on the same project can help broaden their understanding of the subject.

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7. Themed Classroom Displays

At this point, you may have many school display ideas to try out in your classroom. This is great news, as your classroom displays will be a lot more inspiring when you change them periodically. 

As well as creating interesting wall displays, it’s a great idea to create some themed classroom displays. This could involve having a dedicated table that’s full of objects that relate to the topic your pupils are learning about. This adds depth to their learning and provides a sensory experience for them to connect with. Your themed display will provide pupils a chance to interact with the objects and will make their learning experience far more engaging. 

Which of these ideas will you try out in your classroom?

Posted on April 4th 2024

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