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COVID Screens for Hawkchurch Shop


The Hawkchurch community shop first began operating in May 2014. Since opening, it has been run exclusively by volunteers. The shop’s aim is to cater for the needs of the local Devon community and visitors to the area. 

The shop provides a vital service in the village; customers can purchase goods locally and thus reduce their carbon footprint. The shop has had plenty of glowing reviews since opening its doors; visitors to Hawkchurch welcome the range of products available and the friendly and helpful service they receive from the staff.


The coronavirus pandemic provided an extremely challenging environment for business across the UK during 2020—and continues to do so in early 2021 as the nation enters its third lockdown. The retail and shopping industry certainly hasn’t been impervious to the drastic conditions COVID-19 has created. While premises like the Hawkchurch shop have remained open to the public, they continue to have a responsibility to establish a safe atmosphere for all their customers and staff.

To provide practical solutions for local businesses, to help them address these challenges, Creative Solutions have a superb range of COVID 19 products.

Perhaps the most pressing issue for shops and retail outlets is to promote social distancing between customers and prevent the spread of germs when transactions are made between shoppers and staff. Our range of custom-made protective screens and prevention systems can be placed in a variety of locations within a shop—particularly at the checkout where staff/customer interactions take place.

The Hawkchurch shop required a bespoke COVID protective screen system to be placed on the counter, in order to limit physical contact between staff and customers and thus minimize the risk of spreading the virus. 

Creative Solutions can manufacture screen systems to fit any number of business environments—we also give clients the opportunity to brand their products with our range of protective vinyl screen stickers. Customers can install company logos, bespoke artwork and designs—anything they require to help promote the business and maintain brand identity.


We made an initial visit to the Hawkchurch shop to take some measurements and establish the dimensions of the area where the protective screens would be installed.

The protective screens were custom cut and manufactured for the shop; the screen system was designed to fit exactly on to the payment desk. The 5mm clear acrylic was supported by stainless steel poles to create a rigid structure, with a semi-circular hole cut out for transactions. 

As you can see from the photographs, one of the screens still has a white protection film attached. Once this is removed, a clear acrylic screen is revealed.

Hawkchurch were delighted with the product. It functions perfectly and allows the community shop to operate as safely as possible.

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Posted on January 8th 2021

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