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Protection Screen and Prevention Systems for Parker Hannifin Ltd


As a global enterprise, Parker Hannifin has been operating in the UK for over half a century, providing high-quality services and products to its British OEM customers through reliable and professional distribution networks and technology centres.

To meet the needs of its customers, Parker supplies a wide range of motion and control products. Their main focus as specialist manufacturers centres on nine key technologies: pneumatics, electromechanical, hydraulics, filtration, process control, fluid and gas handling, sealing and shielding, aerospace and climate control.


It’s been nearly a year since the first nationwide lockdown, and still businesses are having to operate under strict government guidelines in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As the country remains at a standstill, business owners are still required to apply every practical measure at their disposal to create safe working environments for their staff and the general public.

Creative Solutions have been working hard over these last twelve challenging months, to design and create a range of products to help businesses during these difficult times. For offices, we have a variety of protection screens and prevention systems with the simple aim of reducing the spread of germs and keeping the UK workforce safe. 

We design and manufacture every aspect of these protection screens, at our Axminster studio, and can supply them to businesses across the country. For businesses in the local area, we can also supply a full installation service.

The client for this project needed a series of desk-mounted acrylic screens, freestanding floor screens and a partition screen to create a separate and secure waiting area in their reception.

In addition to the protective screens, we also give businesses the option to brand their product; either with protective vinyl screen stickers or, alternatively, we can supply the screens with the custom branding of their choice. 

Clients can install company logos, bespoke artwork and designs—anything they need to promote the business and assert brand identity. 

The client took full advantage of this feature as we supplied vinyl stickers for the existing screens and supplied the new screens with custom Parker Hannifin branding.


The first step in the process was to carry out a site survey to assess the specific needs of the client; the aim of the installation was to enable the office to stay operational throughout the pandemic—as safely as possible.

After the survey, we were able to design, supply and install the custom clear acrylic protective screens at the client’s Crewkerne offices. The entire installation featured a series of desk-mounted screens and freestanding floor screens—perfect for environments in which staff are working in close proximity to each other; minimizing the spread of germs between employees, and promoting social distancing as much as possible. We also installed a partition screen in the reception, to create a safe waiting area.

Importantly, the screens are both functional and clearly project the client's strong company branding with custom vinyl artwork; the designs of which were only too happy to assist with. The client was delighted with the results!

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Posted on March 2nd 2021

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