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COVID 19 Protection Range for West Dorset Leisure


One of West Dorset Leisure’s prized locations, Highlands End Holiday Park is situated on the world-famous Jurassic Coast; its stunning panoramic views and breathtaking coastline make it perhaps the most desirable holiday retreat in the country. Indeed, it has recently been voted Dorset Holiday Park of the Year!

There’s so much to offer at Highlands End Holiday Park. As well as the unbeatable views and picturesque coastal surroundings, the park has a wealth of accommodation options for their customers. Lodges, apartments, bungalows, caravans; space for campervans, trailer tents, motorhomes and so much more. There’s really something to suit everyone...and every budget. 

Highlands End Holiday Park provides their guests with a range of activities—something for the whole family. There’s a swimming pool, sauna and steam room and a 9 hole pitch ‘n’ putt course which is set against the spectacular natural backdrop of the Jurassic Coast.


The good folks at Highlands End Holiday Park were looking to install some protective acrylic screens into their onsite Martin’s Bar; each acrylic panel would also need to be branded with a printed gloss vinyl sticker. The client got in touch with Creative Solutions to see how we could be of assistance.

The CoronaVirus pandemic has presented many challenges for business across the UK in the last 6 months. None more so than the restaurant and leisure industry. While premises like Martin’s Bar remain open to the public, West Dorset Leisure are tasked with the job of creating a safe environment for all their customers.

To help with these kinds of logistical concerns, Creative Solutions have launched a new range of COVID 19 products to help businesses like West Dorset Leisure during this difficult time. 

One of the most important measures for restaurants and bars is to facilitate social distancing between customers and prevent the spread of germs. Our range of protective screens and preventions systems act as the perfect physical shield between tables and seating areas—while being transparent enough to let in plenty of natural light and maintain the feel of the bar’s layout.

In addition to the protective screens, we also give businesses the opportunity to brand their products with our range of protective vinyl screen stickers. Clients can install company logos, bespoke artwork, custom designs—anything they desire to help promote the business and maintain brand identity. Martin’s Bar took full advantage of this product option when asking us to create a protective vinyl screen sticker of a red fire engine—an illustration of the 1936 Leyland fire engine that is on display in the venue, along with a range of local fire engine memorabilia!


After an initial site visit, on which the client could choose the product’s level of opacity, Creative Solutions supplied a total of 16 screens for Martin’s Bar. The translucent panels allow the tables to be divided clearly, while not affecting the customer experience to any significant degree. The acrylic screens were measured and cut to size by our design team and installed onsite. 

The fire engine logo was supplied as a printed gloss vinyl sticker. The image was designed without any white areas, in order to add an element of transparency—thus allowing in light and creating a sense of space.

We were very happy to be putting our expertise and knowledge to good use during these challenging times, and were delighted to be able to help a local business like West Dorset Leisure. The client was extremely satisfied with the product.

1936 Leyland fire engine at Martin's Bar
Martin's Bar tables and protective screens
This is a picture of Martin's Bar with COVID protective screens
Corner in Martin's Bar featuring COVID protective screens

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Posted on October 7th 2020

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