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COVID 19 Protection Range for Rotec


 Rotec have been in operation for over 40 years and have positioned themselves as the go-to provider of hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components and systems. They cater for a wide range of organisations in both public and private sectors.

Their business principles are straightforward: steady growth, expansion, and a number of accreditations and appointments that value their high operational standards.


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses across the UK have had to drastically rethink their operating methods to coincide with government social distancing policy.

As businesses, retail centres and office spaces turn on their lights again after the initial lockdown, it’s important that guidelines are followed to ensure the health and well-being of both staff and customers—and to prevent the avoidable spreading of germs.

From our brand-new COVID 19 Range, Rotec got in touch with Creative Solutions about providing some printed protective wraps which would be installed on the reception desk at their depot. 

The wraps would create a vital physical barrier between employees and customers—thus stopping the spread of germs—while also providing clear visual reminders about the two-meter distancing guidelines.


We supplied the client with 4 printed social distancing screens, measuring 1100x900mm. As this is the biggest size screen in the range, it’s comfortably large enough to completely protect anyone stationed at the reception desk.

One important feature of this product is its ease of cleaning. The fully printable foamex and acetate screens can be wiped down and sanitized in seconds.

Rotec took full advantage of our ability to print any custom design onto the outer edge of the screen—a key step in promoting brand identity. Rotec’s company logo was printed in the top-left corner, while social distancing messages and diagrams were printed at the top and bottom of the foamex frame. As an alternative branding option, we are also able to provide protective screen vinyl stickers that can be attached in no time at all.

This product is highly functional. It performs exactly the task it's designed for— without compromising the high-quality print standards our clients come to expect. In fact, Rotec were so impressed with the protective screens, they ordered 4 more!

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Posted on October 29th 2020

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