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Cork and Tile Portuguese Restaurant - Contra Vision and Van Graphics


Cork and Tile is a restaurant found on Gandy Street in Exeter with a passion for all things Portuguese. As well as serving mouth-watering seafood and meat dishes from the region, they have also invoked a taste of Lisbon, Porto and beyond with their choice of breads, cheeses, wines...and music. 

Enjoy an authentic slice of the Iberian peninsula in the heart Devon!


With the increased demand for restaurant-quality food delivery services in the last twelve months—and plenty of dining establishments offering to bring their delicious cuisine right to your front door—it makes sense that businesses are doing everything they can to keep their delivery vehicles in good aesthetic order!

The Cork and Tile were looking to do just that. Their Fiat Panda delivery car, which does plenty of miles across Exeter and the surrounding areas, needed something of a makeover. The client wanted us to supply some high-quality vehicle graphics to promote the company name whilst out on deliveries, AND give the car a vital injection of professionalism. 

There’s a whole range of options available when it comes to customizing vehicles. Whether it’s detailing, sign-writing, decals, full vehicle wraps—including windows— we can deliver a quality product.

Also included in the job, the client wanted us to supply a Contra Vision installation for the back window. This smart window film appears opaque from the outside. From the inside, however, the one-way vision film allows in plenty of natural light. This is a superb product for business vehicles—with potentially expensive items inside—or for anyone who is serious about their privacy.


We supplied the client with full-colour print cut-vinyl graphics. The artwork was installed on both sides of the Fiat Panda and finished with a protective laminate to render them completely UV and water-resistant. Ideal for a vehicle that’s on the road in all weather conditions!

The simple graphics, which feature the stylized font company logo, are printed in a deep blue—a perfect, high-impact colour choice against the white substrate of the car. The tagline and address are printed in alternating blues, creating a visually-engaging display that will certainly catch the eye.

For the back window, we installed the Contra Vision film. A one-way full-colour back window, complete with printed graphics, and finished with a two-year high gloss laminate. A great privacy feature that will last. Job done!

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Posted on July 5th 2021

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