Considering a Projecting Sign?

A projecting sign, as the name suggests, is fixed so that it projects outward from the side of a building or interior wall, placing it more noticeably in the field of vision of passes by. Projecting signs also have the obvious advantage of being able to carry your message on both sides.

There are a great many choices:

  • Swinging signs, revolving or fixed signs with a bracket
  • Traditional hand painted wooden signs mounted on cast iron frameworks inspired by beautiful Victorian metal work
  • Modern illuminated tray signs.
  • Slim line aluminium signs
  • Signs made of acrylic or glass (or stained glass)
  • Printed, vinyl-cut graphics, etched, fret cut or moulded lettering
  • Square, rectangular, circular, triangular, oval, or custom cut shapes

As with designing any kind of signage, consider your surroundings. What other signs will your sign be competing with/or complementing - think not only about colours and shape, but the lighting too. Will you be relying on natural light, or artificial illumination? Keep it simple. And remember, the recommended minimum height for a projecting sign is 2300mm off the ground.

I would be happy to help you out with any of your signage questions, the number to reach me on is 01297 444 665.

Posted on May 16th 2012

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