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Complete Business Signage & Display for West Dorset Leisure Holidays, Highlands End


We have worked with West Dorset Leisure Holidays for many years on their sites across the South West. Highlands End has now undergone a complete signage and display overhaul, making it modern, inviting, and fresh for its clients and customers visiting from all over the world.

WDLH has employed many signage solutions at their sites, including a recent rebrand, and guest-friendly wayfinding, and information signs. You can also find custom wallpaper installations in their camping pods of location scenes shot by local photographer James Loveridge, and installed by the Creative Team.

This time around it was Highlands End's turn for a refresh, we will use this blog to explore and explain each for WDLH's complete signage & display package!


West Dorset Leisure Holidays got in touch with a big order for a complete external signage overhaul, as well as some internal signage and display installations. Their Holiday Park at Highlands End is home to a brilliant Leisure Centre, complete with 20-meter pool, on-site Spa, Sauna and Steam room.

We set to work creating their large-format prints with the designs supplied. WDLH have always had a clean and respected logo in Dorset, branding that suits all their sites with minor tweaks given the variety of their locations.

The gallery below shows a visual guide to each signage installation at Highlands End with a description of the materials used. We hope this offers a chance to inspire signage for your own business efforts, and the variety each material can produce!


LEFT Made from ACM, a brilliantly versatile signage solution. The front is faced with a full-colour printed matte finish vinyl, finished with laminate for weather protection from the elements near the coast. This has been mounted with stand-off locators to WDLH's pre-existing wooden panels for a stylish but natural looking entrance sign.

RIGHT A perfect way to make use of awkward half-visible corners, this mural style piece is printed across 3 panels, fitting right into the corner to welcome you into the Pool Facility. ACM with a full-colour print on vinyl, matte laminated like above.


BELOW (LEFT) A fully fabricated aluminium tray sign with ACM Lettering and Logo applied to the face. These signs suit all types of businesses, and allow for a fully customisable face to apply your branding, message and logo. The brilliance of tray signs is pending on your need, we can produce flex-face's which allow for illumination tucked behind for 24/7 visibility. This sign has a rigid exterior, with the lettering and logo individually cut from ACM applied to the face with a long-lasting external adhesive.

BELOW (MIDDLE & RIGHT) A popular choice to display text and add privacy on externally facing windows and doors, this silver etched vinyl can be printed with any design. Here you can see a floor to ceiling window of the Leisure Centre display the offering and facilities at Highlands End, and to the right, a perfectly spaced and sized 'Welcome' print with a swirl of text.

BELOW (LEFT) We supplied a range of these smaller format prints around the site. These includes safety signage, and wayfinding directional signage for the Changing Rooms, Swimming Pool, Oils, Towels, Sauna, Toliets and Shower facilities.

BELOW (MIDDLE & RIGHT) To finish the installation, a large Acrylic 3D Logo and text, as well as smaller vinyl text were applied to the clean white background wall. WDLH have managed to capture their logo and branding in so many formats of signage, and is perfectly adaptable to all settings. If you need help with your own branding and how to display it, we have a fantastic in-house design team who may have created many brands in the South West area you may recognise! 


We hope this whistle-stop tour of our work with West Dorset Leisure Holidays has been insightful, and shows you just how versatile you can be with your own signage if you are in need!

As above, if you're unsure of your needs and want more advice and direction, our team can help you navigate all the possibilities, and draw up as many quotes as you need to suit your budget. We take pride in installing as many signage solutions as possible, but can ship your signage to you if you have the means of installing yourself.

It is always a pleasure working with the team at WDLH, and hope they receive lots of praise for their sites updated signage and feel! The sauna looks divine....

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