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Colour Change Wrap for Private Client's Transporter

We work with many Private Clients as well as businesses to enhance their vehicles looks with individual graphics, as well as complete colour changes to brighten and refresh not only the vehicle itself, but the owners love for it. 

We offer a full range of block colour and printable vehicle vinyls in matte, matte metallic, gloss and textured coloured wraps, so you can find the car wrap that best suits you and your personality. It’s time to go driving in a different colour!


With the summer weather coming in, the 2022 licence plate hitting the streets, and matt vinyl being the most on-trend way to colour change your vehicle, some manufacturers offer matt paint jobs as standard, but most you will see driving around have been modified and wrapped by a specialist like ourselves.

We use the 3M Vision wrap, purposely made for vehicle wrapping. It is tested rigorously to achieve the best quality colour reproduction, life expectancy, protection for the paintwork underneath, flexibility to mold to surface structures and shapes, as well as loads of other parameters. Our expert team is trained to get the most out of the product, and make sure every application is perfection.


Before - Full White VW Transporter
During - Wrapping in sections across the vehicle
After - Full Colour Change using 3M wrap in Matt Riviera Blue


Flames, Neon Wing Mirrors, Pink Glittery Go-Faster Racing Stripes - when it comes to vinyl vehicle wrapping your imagination really is the limit! This bright Riviera Blue is becoming an increasingly popular colour due to the hue, rarity, and stunning visual. We recently used it for a Tesla Model Y.

You can read all about how to wrap a car here, and if you are considering vehicle graphics, full wrap, or business signwriting for your company vehicles, we offer a pricing guide on vehicle graphics and wrapping here.

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Posted by Samantha on April 8th 2022

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