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Coat of Arms Logo for Model Fire Land Rover


The client was looking to have a the Bridport & Dorset Fire Brigade logo reproduced on to a fully functional electrical model Land Rover. 


The logo had to be reproduced as a vector based logo with a cut line to allow our team to cut to the unique contours of the logo. This allowed the background to be transparent and show the vehicle colour through. A vector is a scalable, editable image that allows our designers to resize the logo without sacrificing any of the image quality. Rather than working with pixels, it works in lines and shapes that are stored as maths equations. 

Dorset Fire Brigade Logo
Dorset Fire Brigade Logo
Dorset Fire Brigade Logo

Once converted to a vector file, we were able to use our plotter to cut the vinyl in the exact shape of the logo. The graphics were then installed in-house at our facility in Axminster, East Devon.

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Posted by Jedd on December 18th 2017

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