Change4Life rolls out marketing campaign aimed at children

The Government's healthy living programme Change4Life is set to launch a brand new campaign aimed exclusively at children and their parents, to encourage better diet choices and more daily ‘active' time.

The campaign is called The Really Big Summer Adventure and it will be running throughout the six-week summer holiday period. Activity packs for children will be available online, and schools will receive sticker books and teacher information packs.

The Department of Health (DoH) is planning to market the campaign via a number of high-profile partners. The existing retail partnership with Asda will be extended, with a range of display stands and other marketing materials pushing The Really Big Summer Adventure in-store.

Change4Life, with its yearly marketing budget of £14 million, is also switching from its previous media partner, the News of the World, to the Mirror Newspaper group for its print ads and online campaigns. More brand partners are yet to be announced.

Sian Jarvis, who is the director-general of communications for DoH, said:

"These are brands consumers bump into every day, so if we can get them to support families and children to make small healthy changes that can only be a good thing."


Posted on May 25th 2011

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