Category Spotlight: Acrylic Literature Dispensers

It would be tricky to imagine the whole variety of products available from Creative Solutions, as there are so many ways in which our products meet the specific requirements of all your display, promotional, and point-of-sale needs. That’s why we’ve decided to give you an overview of our product categories.

We’re starting this month with our category spotlight on acrylic literature dispensers. These low-cost, hard-wearing units are ideal for displaying literature of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, printed literature is designed in such a way that it will fit certain display units, but at Creative Solutions we believe that printed material should be designed for its purpose, not for where it will fit! That’s why we offer acrylic dispensers in sizes as small as business card size, right up to A3, from as little as £3.36 each.

At Creative Solutions we realise that acrylic dispensers have a whole variety of uses, and so our product range reflects this. The range includes free-standing units, some of which are landscape orientated, some of which are portrait, some which have space for one collection of print, some which have two sections side by side, and some which have up to four sections stacked behind each other at increasing height.

Our free-standing units also include a suggestion and ballot box type product, with an acrylic vertical header into which an information/promotional printed sheet can be placed. Other products include the slatwall holders, which again come in a variety of sizes, and are easy to use by just sliding them between the slatwall panels, and the wall mounted units, which can be of the stacked or side by side variety.

The units mentioned are specifically for use inside, but we also produce external wall mounted dispensers, which are extremely robust and have a clear acrylic lid, which shuts automatically to protect leaflets from the wind and rain. All the wall mounted units come with pre-drilled holes, making them even easier to utilis.

Custom sizes can be made to hold a leaflet of a non standard size – design your leaflet so as it does what it needs to do, and then speak to us to provide you with the perfect dispenser for it!

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Posted on October 29th 2014

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