Formulate Curved Fabric Exhibition Stand for Hiden Analytical

Fabric Pop Up Stand Hiden Analytical
Hiden Analytical


Hiden Analytical design, develop and manufacture quadrupole mass spectrometers for advanced research applications and specialist process monitoring.

Hiden Analytical were seeking a versatile display solution that is hardwearing and easy to transport. Due to most of their shows being in 3 x 3m booths, they needed a backdrop that did not take up all the stand space and allowed them to use a generic back image, then tailor banner stands to the products they supplied that suited the target market audience that were visiting the show.

Once briefed on their requirements, we produced the fabric displays, and sent out numerous samples of stands that we thought would best suit their requirements. These included Fabric Vector Stands, Fabric Monolith Stands, T3 Exhibition Stand and The Formulate Curved Fabric Stand. We produced set-up videos and supplied all artwork templates for the stands to check that it would fit in with the companies horizontal branding, as there was a slight worry that fabric exhibition stands would not live up to the task. T3 was rejected due to complexity and graphics may have the chance of being damaged, it was also a more expensive option, although more versatile.

The Fabric Vector Stand was rejected due to the speed of erection, the graphic was considered too difficult to insert for a novice, although with practice this would have been ok. Unfortunately they did not have this luxury.

Hiden Analytical decided on the curved Formulate fabric display, due to the ease of a novice exhibitor putting it up, the quality of the printed fabric graphic and the overall look of the product. Because the customer got the chance of a hands on experience, they were able to physically feel the fabric and decide whether it was resilient enough. Undoubtedly it made it clear that the Formulate Fabric Displays are a great option for quick erecting exhibition stands.

Due to the fabric display being used in both the American and UK market, Hiden wanted to tie all their exhibition stands together so they looked the same the world over, we are able to do this with our partner companies in other countries, whilst supplying excellent customer service and samples to the UK market who can then send relevant photos and videos (some supplied) by us so that their counterparts can make an informed decision based on our information.

Creative Solutions organised all the deliveries of stands direct to two events in America on short lead times. 

Want to find out more about the Formulate Curved Pop Up Stand? It's not currently available for purchase directly through our website, so give us a call on 01297 630130, or alternatively drop us an email at


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Posted by Rob on March 15th 2016

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