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Cardboard Installation Art for Student at Canterbury School of Visual Arts


Programme Director for the BA Art & Design Course at Canterbury College, Angie Moyler, is also a talented freelance Graphic Designer. Her talented third year student needed a large-scale print for a 3D Art Installation Exhibition. This piece needed to be fully printed and easy to erect, store, and move.


"I have a job for one of my 3rd year BA graphics students that is proving difficult to get a quote for - or to even find anyone able to do it."

We love a good challenge and will always pull all resources to make the impossible a reality! Speaking with Angie and her student over the design concept and final construction, we were able to narrow down a material options that could not only be printed, but routed to ensure the folding edges could be aligned and joined together to create the large igloo-shaped installation. 

The full-printed geometric pattern design also needed to be able to be flat-packed for easy transportation and storage. What made this piece even more practical, was the fact we could print all pieces on an eco-friendly print material, cardboard!


Artwork printing can take many forms and be done on even more types of canvas. For Installation Art pieces, due the size of the structures and therefore their weight, a more heavy-duty material is needed, but does not mean it needs to cost the earth, nor blow any budgets.

For each of the 75 triangular pieces, and 15 rectangular strips, we used a 6mm full-colour printable fluted cardboard. Sandwiched between two thin layers of card is either a honeycomb or fluted structure that not only adds density, but also strength to its construction. It is faced in a white exterior on both sides to allow for direct printing.

We love this product for its versatile application range. It can be cut to any shape and is used in exhibition settings, retail and promotional display, short-term outdoor signage and longer-term indoor display. We also have the ability to route the piece in-house as you can see in the video above.

We are waiting to hear word of the exhibition and its inevitable success, but hope this student had a brilliant experience with their art-piece, and wish them every success in the future! A pleasure being able to create this fantastic installation, and we look forward to many eco-friendly and cardboard creations in the future!

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Posted by Samantha on May 16th 2022

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