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Business Signage For McVeigh Parker


Founded nearly 40 years ago, McVeigh Parker has established itself as a market leader in the fencing, landscaping and agricultural sectors. Champions of innovation and creativity, McVeigh Parker were the first stockists of both the X fence® premium wire netting and UC4 branded pine timber posts. They are always searching for the best performing products for their customers—at a great price!

In 2014, McVeigh Parker launched the revolutionary Clipex® fencing product. These groundbreaking posts save time, money and provide you with a fence that’ll last thirty years.


McVeigh Parker got in touch with Creative Solutions looking for a whole series of outdoor signage products for their industrial outlet in Cullompton, Devon. 

For a local Devon business like McVeigh Parker, we are able to remove all the potential hassle from a large design project of this nature—as we’re able to cater for all aspects of the job. From the printing and manufacture of the various signs, to the installation itself, we can provide a professional,  first-rate service.

For each signage element, it was important that the client’s branding was kept uniform. With that in mind, each sign was created using the company’s recognisable logo and font, along with the simple yet striking blue and white colour scheme. It’s imperative for firms like McVeigh Parker to have strong and consistent business signage for their outlets; it’s important for the signs to be instantly recognisable to their clients and be reflective of the company itself. For a potential customer, high-quality signs on the outside: high-quality product within.


The client was able to send us production-ready artwork files, from which we could create the extensive batch of signs. 

For the main apex of the building, we supplied a round 2075mm diameter sign. The McVeigh Parker logo was printed in stunning high-definition, applied to 3mm Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) 0.3mm skin board and finished with a matte laminate. Due to its size—2075mm x 1038mm—this sign came in two sections.

For the large sign which was to be installed to the right-front of the building, we provided a full-colour self-adhesive print, which was again applied to 3mm ACM 0.3mm skin board and finished with a matte laminate to give that contemporary, subtle aesthetic. This sign came in three sections.

On top of this, we also provided the client with two ‘staff parking’ signs, two ‘customer parking’ signs, a customer entrance sign and an ‘opening hours’ panel. Each premium-quality sign was printed in full-colour and applied to 3mm ACM 0.3mm skin board and finished with a matte laminate.

Creative Solutions were responsible for the entire installation process, which took place in Cullompton, Devon, over the course of two days. We used a series of specialist tools to affix the signs and a scissor lift to reach those higher locations—including the main apex sign shown in the images.

All in all, an excellent service provided by the team—along with a comprehensive range of eye-catching graphics for the client to enjoy and capitalize on. The signs are consistent from a branding perspective and reflect that all-important characteristic: quality.  For a local company like McVeigh Parker, looking for the complete signage package, we certainly delivered.

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Posted on July 29th 2020

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