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Business Signage for Love Ria at Millers Farm Shop, Kilmington


Business Signage for Love Ria at Millers Farm Shop, Kilmington


Love Ria

'From books, crystals, homeware and jewellery you are sure to find something personal and unique for that special person (or of course yourself). We have gifts for all budgets and is a treasure trove for those who are interested in the more magical side of life.'

Love Ria is located on the border between Devon and Dorset in Kilmington. It shares the site with Millers Farm Shop, FishShack and the Teapot cafe, making for a great afternoon outing with plenty to see, make, eat and drink.

Wall Mounted Panel Signage for Love Ria
Custom Printed Swing Pavement Sign Panel Boards - Double Sided Vinyl Print for Love Ria


Outdoor Business Signage

Love Ria has been based at the Millers Farm Shop since November 2022, and it was high time to take full ownership of the space with some directional and building signage to guide customers and visitors to the shop.

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) can be cut to any size, easily fixed in place, and faced with either a direct print, or a vinyl overlay for full-colour vibrancy, longevity and ease of renewal in a few year's time if you need to update your messaging, branding or design choice. Our Long-lasting vinyl applications are printed onto high-performance vinyl with either a 1, 5 or 7-year guarantee. This variety allows you to assess how long the signage needs to be in place if you have any upcoming plans to refresh your branding or vision, as well as be assured your sign is going to look great for years to come. As the ACM will always outlive its vinyl application, it means you can re-face your signage time and time again without having to replace everything.

Love Ria chose to have 3 signs produced, the main wall-mounted signage next to the entrance to the store, a roadside directional sign to lead people to the car park and an additional sign to navigate the cluster of shops in the area. These were complemented by two Swinger 2 Pavement Signs with full-colour printed aluminium panels to assist foot traffic and add to the branded experience.

Frosted Window Film Application to Balcony Glass Panes
Heat Treating freshly applied window film to remove bubbles and seal adhesive
Finished frosted window film application on glass balcony


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Creating eye-catching and sleek business signage for external visibility is something we pride ourselves on. We wouldn't call ourselves specialists if we did not have some of the most skilled team members in the South West or one of the largest arrays of print media at our disposal!

ACM as you've learnt briefly above is a perfect budget-friendly, long-lasting and highly versatile signage option that can suit a range of settings and application styles.

If you are looking to invest in new signage or refresh your existing signage, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A big thank you to the Love Ria team for choosing Creative as your signage creator. It was a pleasure working with you on this project, and we look forward to watching your store bloom!

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Posted by Samantha on April 28th 2023

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