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Increasing Business Exposure and Getting your Brand on the Road!


No Business too Big or Small

Whether your a local small to medium sized enterprise, or a large national brand, fleet vehicles and up-to-date branding transform your visibility. Getting your business vehicles branded adds to your exposure, can make smaller businesses appear larger and help you become a regular feature across your local area, county or nationally! Your business message, attention to detail and care in your assets all boosts your potential customers experience and perception of you, help you grow, and even need to add more vehicles to your fleet.

We've applied graphics and wraps to individual vehicles joining a fleet, 2-5 needing updated or new branding, and recently finished a project with Magna Housing, branding and wrapping over 150 service vans!

Larger brands and larger vehicles as you well know can reap the benefits from larger display areas on their vehicles, from transporters with vinyl banner slidings, works vehicles and machinery, to trucks with flat panels both sides and back, this large-scale exposure space can reinforce branding, special offers and catchy sloguns. Fleet Vehicles add a real-world presence to even online businesses, and those that don't have a high-street store.

Magna Housing Fleet Vans
Prodigy IT Solutions Fleet Vans
Chesil Beach Motors Fleet Cars


Reach Your Audience

It is a modern business approach to be aware and take full advantage that your customers and clients are everywhere, online, in-store, and on the roads. This huge often audience pf 'captive' consumers could be driving behind on of your vehicles on the motorway for miles.

Fleet graphics can give your brand visibility across audiences no other form of advertising can effectively reach – vehicle branding can spread your message across huge geographic areas simultaneously.


Large-scale Branding Potential

Vehicle Fleet Branding and Graphics are extremely cost-efficient, offering businesses and brands an opportunity for either a one-time investment for a promotional offering, seasonal display, or for round-the-clock outdoor advertising for months or even years. Few outdoor advertising solutions offer marketing on this scale, for such an affordable cost. 

At Creative Solutions, we house a range of the best quality materials on the market for short and long-term vehicle branding and displays. These can either be direct printed or weeded and cut from large sheets of single colour vinyl. We have a range of finishes and warranty covers to see you through a seasonal display, or years of on the road advertisement.

We like to be transparent, so have written up this handy blog we keep up to date to let you know ball park figures and costs of different types of graphic applications and full wraps.

Guide to Vehicle Graphics & Signwriting Costs

Cains Farm Transporter Fleet Graphics
Tukxi Fleet Graphics on Tuk-Tuks
The Log Store Fleet Graphics on Service Vehicles

Want to know More?

For more information, see our Fleet Vehicle Graphics Product Page, and our wealth of Vehicle Blogs!

Vehicle Graphics Livery Products

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Posted by Samantha on May 20th 2022

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